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Fable II Game Guide by

Fable II Game Guide

Table of Contents

The Crucible | Storyline Fable II Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Crucible

Your next task is a fight in the Crucible. Go and talk with Mad-dog, who guards the entrance. Unfortunately, in order to cross the gate, your renown level has to be high enough. The required amount is displayed in the mission description. The best way to boost your renown is to complete a few side missions. After reaching the required level of renown you will be able to pass the gate. Inside, after some time, you will be called by the guard. It's your turn, but firstly read the regulations, lying on the table to the right. Start the mission when you're ready.

1 - The Crucible - Storyline - Fable II - Game Guide and Walkthrough
There are eight stages you must pass - The Crucible - Storyline - Fable II - Game Guide and Walkthrough

There are eight stages you must pass. Eight long and hard rounds, that you must win in order to reach the top and gain the champion title. Each round consists of 3 waves of enemies, and the next begins right after the last enemy dies. Every three rounds a merchant will show up and you will be able to buy some weapons and mixtures. Each round also has a time limit. If you won't be able to kill all the enemies within the time limit, don't worry. If you do, you get a perfect score. Eight perfect scores will reward you with the highest price, a legendary weapon - The Chopper.






The first round is a typical warm-up. The beetles won't pose a threat. The arena is simple, no power-ups.



You can use the blades around the arena, which activate when you step on one of the platforms, located on the two sides.



Throw enemies into the hole located in the central part of the arena. Look out for the suicide Hobbes, when they detonate near you, it will have a negative impact on your health.



This is an easy round. If you possess the Inferno spell it will be even easier, as the enemy is vulnerable to fire-based attacks.



A more difficult round. The enemies are located on a bridge, shoot the barrels to get rid of them, or run to the bridge and defeat them in melee combat.



Make use of the pit, above which the fight takes place. Additionally there are flamethrowers on the edges of the arena, which you activate by stepping onto the platforms.



The balverines are difficult enemies. Try not to let them out-number you, when a couple of them will start attacking you at once, you're pretty much dead.


Rock Troll

Just as in the fight with the Forest Troll, you must hit the outgrowths on his body. Use your ranged weapon or magic. The enemy will spawn small trolls from time to time.

When you finish the last round, you will get your prizes: The Crucible Trophy, 1000 golden coins and the opportunity of getting the "Lion Heart" title for free, from any herald. Go outside, where a crowd of fans is waiting for you. You can show them the trophy - you'll get some renown points.

Before you begin the next mission, it would be wise to do two things: begin the Westcliff Development side mission and buy a few shops and buildings (and after that, rent them). It will let you gather a big amount of gold after completing the next mission, which lasts for 10 long years.

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