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Wielding weapons Expeditions: Viking Guide

it is a very important group of the abilities for every warrior in your party - Wielding weapons - Abilities - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

it is a very important group of the abilities for every warrior in your party. Thanks to that, you will be able to cause a lot of trouble for the opponent even with a blunt knife, and your fists may be harder than steel. Each of the abilities and damage to a specific type of weapon and it unlocks three special abilities. They give you new tactical options a and the increase in the array of skills of your people. Each one of the weapons has a specific use, so it's a good idea to have diverse weapons at the beginning of the game. Then you can decide what type of weaponry suits you best.

Below you can find descriptions of every special ability for a given type of weapon, as a upsides and downsides and practical use in combat. Next to its name, the number of skill points required for a given level has been provided where, e.g. WEAPON (1/2/3/4/5) requires only one skill point for the 1st level, whereas for the 2nd level it requires two skill points, etc.

Axe (6/9/12/15/18) - Wielding weapons - Abilities - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

Axe (6/9/12/15/18). Axe is a very useful weapon that is governed by strength. Single-handed axes the deal average damage. The first skill that you can learn is shield hook, which makes the opponent exposed to your attacks for the duration of one turn. However, you will have to attack the exposed opponent as other party members, thanks to which you make use of this status. Another interesting skill is Cleave, because it deals damage into the shield. However, excess damage points are then transferred into the opponent himself, which makes it a better attack than the normal one. The last skill is served very useful one. Weapon hook disarms opponent for a single turn and deprives him of his shield. The opponent can still move around and deal damage with the bare fists, but he'll make a much easier target to get. Also it's not a problem to expose yourself to his occasional attack.

Bow (9/12/15/18/21) - Wielding weapons - Abilities - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

Bow (9/12/15/18/21). Bow is the best ranged weapon for dealing high damage. It receipt is governed by perception. The downside is the lack of the option of occasional attack and is a necessity to change into steel. Also, it's not too effective against opponents with shields. If you try to short while standing next to an opponent, you will activate his occasional attack. The first skill to learn is ranging shot, which makes it impossible for opponents to use their shields within range of the action. Quick shot, is another useful skill which allows you to fire two arrows, where are the second one has a lower chance of reaching its target. You have to will use of this skill of the beginning of your turn. Aimed shot, is useful against opponents standing further away, because it ignores the penalty to accuracy resulting from the distance. Fire Arrow is an incendiary arrow. It deals regular damage, but it also sets the target on fire and deals damage over several turns. You can aim it at flammable objects to set them on fire. The final skill is hailstorm, which is an attack on to 3 random fields around the field that you are aiming at, and which deals half as much damage as a regular attack. It is useful against a group of opponents.

Dane axe (6/9/12/15/18) - Wielding weapons - Abilities - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

Dane axe (6/9/12/15/18). It is double handed axe is governed by strength. It deals high damage and you can use it to attack from a distance of two fields. It is excellent as a supplement of second line of attack. Reckless strike is a strike that is stronger by 25%,

Na ten obureczny topór ma wplyw oczywiscie sila. Zadaje on duze obrazenia oraz mozna nim atakowac z odleglosci dwóch pól. Swietnie sie sprawdza jako uzupelnienie drugiej linii lub do zadawania duzych obrazen. Zuchwaly atak (reckles strike) to silniejsze o 25%, but it deprives you of your move during the next turn. On the other hand Pull allows you to pull your opponent. The strongest ability is swipe, which hits three opponents in front of your character (this attack on neither deals damage to this shield, nor it pierces the armour).

Knife (6/9/12/15/21) - Wielding weapons - Abilities - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

Knife (6/9/12/15/21). It's a light weapon that can be held in both hands which increases chances of critical damage, governed by Finesse. The downside is low damage that it deals, and armour penetration. The first skill is deathblow, which it deals double damage, but only against immobilised opponents. Flurry and slice are additional attacks. The former are gives you the chance to strike the same target twice, or two different ones, and it stands a chance of imposing bleeding status. The latter is an additional, free attack but it deals half as much damage.

Shield (6/9/12/15/18) - Wielding weapons - Abilities - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

Shield (6/9/12/15/18). Shield is not a weapon, although it has a tremendous effect on the combat, as well as on defence. It's a highly useful item, even though it can only be used with a single-handed weapon. It can absorb some of the damage and block arrows. It has its own resistance bar. Shields can be repaired during battle using brace. Also, it is possible to reinforce shield, using defend ability. Shield Bash not only knocks the enemy back, but also it imposes knocked down status. Thanks to those who create more space around your warrior and it's easier for you to attack the opponent.

Sling (6/9/12/15/18) - Wielding weapons - Abilities - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

Sling (6/9/12/15/18). Slaying it is yet another range to weapon which deals less damage than bow, but it provides better chances of a critical hit. It's a curacy is governed by perception. Puffball is a smoke grenade of a kind which provides a screen against ranged attacks. Another skill is scattershot. Although it deals no damage at all, it can impose several negative statuses on the enemy group, over a wide area. The last skill is grenade, which functions like a Molotov cocktail minus the fire. The target field and the adjacent ones are doused in at flammable substance which can be then set on fire. It is useful around a group of enemies and if you have the ability to set it on fire.

Spear(6/9/12/15/18) - Wielding weapons - Abilities - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

Spear(6/9/12/15/18). Spear is a early weapon of the longest possible range and average damage. Still it stands a higher chance of dealing critical damage. Higher Finesse ensures better bonuses. It is ideal for attacking from their second line of attack, and for finishing off wondered enemy behind enemy lines. Spear's range is two fields, but thanks to extend, you can attack all the three fields and deal 75% of regular damage. Smack can be used at) similarly and deal a half of regular damage, as well as decrees his resistance and take a step back from him. The final skill is a free action with two charges. Distract can be used to cancel occasional attack of a specific opponent, per turn.

Sword (6/9/12/15/18) - Wielding weapons - Abilities - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

Sword (6/9/12/15/18). An average weapon with average damage. It is governed by strength and you can find using a shield. One of its advantages is also ready, which is an attack on the first opponent that comes close. Heavy swing is a regular attack were there better reduction of damage. Execute it sure is a good damage if the target chooses to attack in the next turn.

Unarmed (3/6/9/12/15) - Wielding weapons - Abilities - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

Unarmed (3/6/9/12/15). Unarmed is the easiest field to master. It deals to the lowest damage. One of its upsides is that you don't really have swap your equipment. Also, hands need no repairing. Grapple is a tactical action that immobilises the opponent (it can only be used against a flanked opponent). Heavy punch as a stronger version of their regular attack. Headbutt is a regular attack that also stands a chance of stunning, even the opponent failed to block the attack and has no helmet.

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