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Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

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Character creation and statistics Expeditions: Viking Guide

Character creation screen - Character creation and statistics - The Basics - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

Character creation screen.

The character creation process is similar to what you can find in other classic RPG games. Apart from selecting such elements as name, appearance and the colour of the character, you also have to distribute primary stats points and skill points. It is a good idea to devote some time to doing that, because once they are selected, stats cannot be changed afterwards. Also, the classic system of levelling up this absent from here. You receive skill points for the majority of achievements in the game, which you later on spend on learning new ones, or on upgrading the ones you have already learned.

Primary stats affect secondary stats - Character creation and statistics - The Basics - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

Primary stats affect secondary stats. They can allow you to access certain skills and make you unable to obtain other ones:

When it comes to abilities, there is quite a choice. Apart from the ability to wield weapon, one so that increased damage dealt, there are also offensive ones, which increased your array of options during battle. Support ability can be used in many situations. While in combat, they provide their bonuses for the entire party, or for specific characters. Still, outside of combat they can generate unique dialogue options, or allow you to heal your party members. Support abilities group refers to works and tasks performed while camping. Every party member should have at least several points invested there. The final ability is passive skills, which may support your warrior in specific situations, e.g. to provide you with additional health points or additional damage dealt against animals. Some abilities have charges, which allow them to be used only several times during a single battle. However the majority of them are passive or they can be used over and over again. You can learn more in specific parts of this guide.

There are several pre-sets included in the game. - Character creation and statistics - The Basics - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide
There are several pre-sets included in the game.

At the beginning, it is a good idea to pick attributes that match your general playing style, then pick some specific abilities that you will be developing with time. Picture of the abilities that you actually need, during the game. There are 50 skill points available, so you can spend them to all become a master of one weapon, but you won't be able to invest in anything else. If you don't know what to pick, the game offers pre-set characters. However, the role of warriors within group can be brought down to the following:

Warrior. A lot of points of strength, resistance and several points to sense (stamina). Invest 2-3 levels in 2 swords/axes and the shield, and pick several of the offensive abilities, e.g. charge or stun.

Second line warrior. This one is similar but you choose to rely on pole weapons, such as spears which require more Finesse, instead of strength. You can distribute their remaining points into battle cries or additional defensive skills.

Archer. Invest as many points as you can into perception, for high accuracy. Download the skills corresponding to using bow. You will be dealing more damage, but you will also receive several special skills. Invest in to spot traps, which relies on perception anyways.

Support. In this case, assign attributes regardless of the specific role, although you will be usually investing into sense. The best support skills are heal, leadership and galder, or witchcraft. Give such a character a ranged weapon, thanks to which they will be useful during the battle for as long as possible.

Camp master. I suggested that you pick the ability for one of your companions, rather than for your character, because this is a secondary role. Invest in to 2-4 secondary abilities, such as guarding, hunting or repairing. Additionally unlock the passive ability heavy sleeper, thanks to which you will be able to work for 3 shifts in the camp. Since no single character can do everything, he should also be trained in the above roles. You can also train the rest of the characters in specific fields, e.g. guarding, scouting, as a blacksmith- artisan, crafting armoursmithing, as Tinkerer - repair and tinkering, hunting, preserving.

Diplomat. This is only a suggestion for the main character, if you want to achieve more by talking instead of fighting. First of all invest in sense and perception. At the beginning of the game develop leadership and diplomacy. In combat use often inspire, thanks to which you will not be exposed to all damage, and to another warrior will attack more often. Then focus on a weapon, preferably one that is not used in the first row. Since you don't want to die too often, healing is also worth considering. You will then be able to support your strongest party members.

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