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Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

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Resources and village expansion Expeditions: Viking Guide

In the game and there are 9 available resources which you will be using most often - Resources and village expansion - The Basics - Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

In the game and there are 9 available resources which you will be using most often. You can obtain most of items by looting creates that you find, objects or corpses of dead enemies, but also by means of trading. Each one of those resources can be used for specific purposes.

Wood is the basic building material used for expanding your village and it can be sometimes used for crafting. You can obtain it while exploring various locations. While camping, your Scouts can find an item that will have several up to several tens of units of wood.

Salvage. The basic material necessary for crafting new swords, axes and other weaponry. It is also necessary for repairing suits of armour i.e. armours and helmets. You can also use it for repairing items that have broken. It is necessary also for erecting certain buildings. You can very often find it while searching various locations on the map and it is easily obtainable at blacksmith's. You can also obtain it by taking apart items in your inventory. Since there are few merchants willing to buy weapons, it is a good idea to take apart your weapons regularly.

Hides. This is yet another material necessary for crafting certain items. The interesting thing is that you cannot obtain it by hunting, while you are camping. You can buy it, find it in some crates, or stretched on drying racks. Such racks can often be found in villages, where and you can find some 3 - 10 units of hide. Hide is valuable and it can be sold for profit.

Medicine. There is only one use to this material, which is healing your party members while camping. It is a good idea to have a well-stocked supply of medicine. If your game goes well and you don't sustain too many losses in your ranks, you don't really have to worry too much about the amount of this material. It pays off to have about 20 - 30 units of this material just in case.

Valuables. To some extent this is an in-game currency. Gold, silver, jewellery, coins, etc. everything of a value can be found in this category. Some players use measurements used in their respective countries, but the game contains information about how much it is cultivated into valuables. It is always a good idea to have some extra amount for unexpected situations and for trade. You can obtain it during exploration, by selling other materials and as a reward for completing quests.

Rations. Rations is preserved food that can be consumed at any moment, while camping. It never goes off. If you plan on a longer journey, it is a good idea to get a larger amount of these. If you are not going, or cannot, replenish your food supply in any other way, around 100 units should be enough for several days.

Herbs. This is an intermediary material. In itself it doesn't profit you in any way, but you can turn herbs into medicine while you are camping. However, you can obtain it only during exploration or by bartering with some merchants.

Thralls, meaning slaves. This is yet another unique material. There are few occasions on which you can obtain new slaves. This resource is very expensive. In Ribe, there is a slave master who can pay you 1000 gold valuables for one slave. They are most frequent use is helping by erecting buildings in your village.

Meat. Food is what you obtain during your exploration and mainly as a result of hunting. It is a good idea to pick camps are rich in game and have several good hunters of the party. Meat quickly goes off, which is why it is a good idea not only to eat food but also to preserve it.

Expanding your village increases your power and prosperity. Each building affects one of those areas. Apart from that you can receive their bonuses connected with a given structure.

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