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Landmark Game Guide

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Alchemy Station | Gameplay basics Landmark Guide

Well, and there is no recipe for poison... - Alchemy Station - Portal Spire - Landmark - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Well, and there is no recipe for poison...


Alchemy Station is one of the devices that allows you to craft - create new items. It is here that you are going to need rare minerals, fragments of ancient artifacts, wood elements, but also coal, which will serve you to create magical items of useful properties.

1. Alchemy Wares

This is a category of a general name and it includes several types of special potions that raise certain parameters, for a definite period of time, of the character and also offers dynamite - its description is not necessary. In the case of potions, there is the Spirit of the Wolf (raises the speed of the character by 5 points for 15 minutes), Bottled Moonlight (increases the range of light by 30 points, for 30 minutes), Potion of Greedy Harvesting (increases the range of tools by 25% for 15 minutes), Potion of Nimble Harvesting (raises the speed of mining by 10%, for 15 minutes), Sharp-Eyed Elixir (increases the possibility of finding rare minerals, by 5 points, for 15 minutes), Potion of Minor Yield (increases the chance to mine additional materials, by 10 points, for 15 minutes), Potion of Furious Harvesting (raises the damage dealt by tools, by 25%, for 15 minutes) and Highstep Brew (increases the height of jumps, by 5 points, for 15 minutes).

Spirit of the Wolf

10 Elemental Copper + 5 Infused Cordella + 20 Infused Crystia

Bottled Moonlight

150 Tourmaline + 12 Infused Bluebell

Potion of Greedy Harvesting

5 Elemental Tin + 2 Wild Heartwood + 15 Infused Crystia

Potion of Nimble Harvesting

5 Elemental Tin + 2 Wild Heartwood + 15 Infused Bloodtear

Sharp-Eyed Elixir

100 Aquamarine + 5 Infused Nightbloom + 10 Infused Bluebell

Potion of Minor Yield

250 Agate + 5 Infused Bloodtear + 10 Infused Nightbloom

Potion of Furious Harvesting

5 Elemental Tin + 2 Wild Heartwood + 15 Infused Cordella

Highstep Brew

2 Wild Heartwood + 5 Infused Cordella + 10 Infused Bloodtear

High Yield Dynamite

10 Coal + 1 Spindled Splinter + 1 Woven Jute

2. Infusers

A group that, in this case, consists of stations for refining oils and infusions, thanks to which they gain in effectiveness (10%, 20% or 30% depending on the level of the device). You can find here a superior, exceptional and legendary infuser.

Superior Infuser

25 Tungsten Ingot + 100 Amethyst + 20 Petrified Heartwood

Exceptional Infuser

1 Superior Infuser + 40 Cobalt Ingot + 300 Sapphire + 30 Ancient Heartwood

Legendary Infuser

1 Exceptional Infuser + 55 Mithril Ingot + 500 Ruby + 40 Frosted Heartwood

3. Infused wood

This collection of recipes concerns modifying of the core of the tree, which is called Heartwood by infusing it with appropriate elements of magical properties.

Wild Heartwood

1 Heartwood + 1 Palm Heart

Petrified Heartwood

1 Heartwood + 1 Thistle Seed

Ancient Heartwood

1 Heartwood + 1 Ancient Rootstock

Frosted Heartwood

1 Heartwood + 1 Spindle Cone

Mossy Heartwood

1 Heartwood + 1 Serpentine Resin

4. Infused plants

Here, you can find five types of bottled flowers that have been enriched with special substances. They can be used as an important crafting component, for crafting potions (1st category at the alchemy station).


Infused Nightbloom

5 Plant Extract + 5 Nightbloom

Infused Crystia

5 Plant Extract + 5 Crystia

Infused Cordella

5 Plant Extract + 5 Cordella

Infused Bluebell

5 Plant Extract + 5 Bluebell

Infused Bloodtear

5 Plant Extract + 5 Bloodtear

5. Restored Artifacts

The last group in the Alchemy Station consists of ancient artifacts of all sorts, which may influence the quality and properties of items (picks, axes, sickles and grinders) thanks to their powerful magical properties.

Restored Talisman

3 Talisman Fragment

Restored Idol

3 Idol Fragment

Destructive Rune Stone

4 Rune Stone Fragment

Swift Rune Stone

4 Rune Stone Fragment

Vast Rune Stone

4 Rune Stone Fragment

Restored Power Source

4 Power Source Fragment

Restored Artifact

6 Artifact Fragment

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