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Landmark Game Guide

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Stone Forge | Gameplay basics Landmark Guide

In the hot stove, you can smelt lots of really useful items. - Stone Forge - Portal Spire - Landmark - Game Guide and Walkthrough
In the hot stove, you can smelt lots of really useful items.

Stone Forge is one of the items that allows your character to craft, to create new items. As the name suggests, for that, you need various metals that you can smelt into valuable ingots or forge them into tools. It also is a place, where you can upgrade your utility tools, i.e. axes, pickaxes, sickles, Pulverizers (the Upgrade Item tab). They are performed with the use of the ancient relics (the category named Disassembled relics has been presented in this chapter), which boost the statistics of items (damage, speed of using and range), as well as their general quality (superior, exceptional and legendary).

1. Pickaxes

In this category, there are five types of pickaxes - Copper, Iron, Tungsten, Cobalt and Mithril. The first one allows you to mine only for the basic and the least valuable resources, which you can later craft into the more advanced versions of the item (which are in turn meant to mine for valuable minerals).

Copper Pick

6 Copper Ingot + 6 Elemental Copper + 8 Heartwood

Iron Pick

10 Iron Ingot + 10 Elemental Iron + 250 Aquamarine + 6 Wild Heartwood

Tungsten Pick

14 Tungsten Ingot + 14 Elemental Tungsten + 400 Amethyst + 8 Petrified Heartwood

Cobalt Pick

20 Cobalt Ingot + 20 Elemental Cobalt + 550 Sapphire + 11 Ancient Heartwood

Mithril Pick

27 Mithril Ingot + 27 Elemental Mithril + 675 Ruby + 13 Frosted Heartwood

2. Axes

IN this category, there are five types of axes - Tin, Silver, Gold, Rubicite and Etherium. The first one only allows you to chop down only the standard trees, thanks to whose wood, you (and not only) you can craft the more advanced versions of the tool (meant to obtain materials only from special kinds of trees).

Tin Axe

4 Tin Ingot + 4 Elemental Tin + 50 Tourmaline + 8 Heartwood

Silver Axe

6 Silver Ingot + 6 Elemental Silver + 325 Topaz + 8 Wild Heartwood

Gold Axe

8 Gold Ingot + 8 Elemental Gold + 500 Emerald + 11 Petrified Heartwood

Rubicite Axe

12 Rubicite Ingot + 12 Elemental Rubicite + 725 Diamond + 13 Ancient Heartwood

Etherium Axe

16 Etherium Ingot + 16 Elemental Etherium + 1100 Moonstone + 15 Frosted Heartwood


Silver Sickle is an unique item that you use for picking various flowers that grow in the land that you inhabit.

Silver Sickle

8 Silver Ingot + 8 Elemental Silver + 200 Topaz + 16 Petrified Heartwood

4. Pulverizers

Pulverizers are powerful hand-operated machines that are used for instantaneous destruction of large areas, with the exception of resources, which can be obtained much faster and easier, thanks to this. They come in two versions - mechanized and powered.

Mechanized Pulverizer

16 Iron Ingot + 16 Elemental Iron + 20 Tin Ingot + 20 Elemental Tin + 450 Aquamarine + 600 Tourmaline + 26 Wild Heartwood

Powered Pulverizer

20 Tungsten Ingot + 20 Elemental Tungsten + 26 Silver Ingot + 26 Elemental Silver + 600 Amethyst + 800 Topaz + 34 Petrified Heartwood

5. Builder's tools

This group lists the tools that are the quintessence of the game. The Adding option, in general terms, allows you to build, remove - to remove them, heal to restore a given area to its previous condition, selection to highlight the individual area on your plot, to perform a specific action there smooth to eliminate the unevenness of the ground, paint to change the looks of the individual materials and Line, that allows you to determine fragments from one point to another and create the selected resources, with them.

Add Tool

1 Dirt

Delete Tool

1 Dirt

Heal Tool

1 Dirt

Selection Tool

15 Iron Ingot + 15 Elemental Iron + 150 Tourmaline

Smooth Tool

20 Tungsten Ingot + 20 Elemental Tungsten + 200 Amethyst

Paint Tool

20 Tungsten Ingot + 20 Elemental Tungsten + 200 Topaz

Line Tool

30 Cobalt Ingot + 30 Elemental Cobalt + 300 Sapphire

6. Smelters

In this tab, there are several kinds of smelting furnaces, 3 versions to be precise superior, exceptional and legendary. They are used for turning the regular resource into the smelted ones, thanks to which they receive an additional bonus, depending on the level of the furnace (10%, 20% or 30%) in which way they may be smelted into ingots with greater effectiveness (higher amount of product).

Superior Smelter

30 Tungsten Ingot + 30 Elemental Tungsten + 5 Silver Ingot + 40 Coal

Exceptional Smelter

1 Superior Smelter + 45 Cobalt Ingot + 45 Elemental Cobalt + 10 Gold Ingot + 60 Coal

Legendary Smelter

1 Exceptional Smelter + 60 Mithril Ingot + 60 Elemental Mithril + 15 Rubicite Ingot + 80 Coal

7. Ingots

Ingots of metals are used as a very important component for crafting various accessories, or advanced machinery that craft rare items. Here, you can find plans for Copper, Iron, Tin, Tungsten, Silver, Cobalt, Gold, mithril, Rubicite and Etherium ingots.

Copper Ingot

100 Copper Ore

Iron Ingot

100 Iron Ore

Tin Ingot

100 Tin Ore

Tungsten Ingot

100 Tungsten Ore

Silver Ingot

100 Silver Ore

Cobalt Ingot

100 Cobalt Ore

Gold Ingot

100 Gold Ore

Mithril Ingot

100 Mithril Ore

Rubicite Ingot

100 Rubicite Ore

Etherium Ingot

100 Etherium Ore

8. Crafting component

Coal, Tungsten as the only crafting component allows you to craft various sources of light.


10 Plain Wood Log

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