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EVE Online Guide

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EVE Online: Jobs EVE Online guide, tips

This page of the guide to EVE Online explains the available activities in the world of New Eden.

Last update: Monday, September 20, 2021

On this page of the guide to EVE Online, you will find a list of activities (Jobs) available in New Eden.

In EVE Online, players are not limited by the plot, so they can enjoy virtually unlimited freedom and perform any actions that will enrich their experience and guarantee ISK. Below are a few simple activities available for beginners.


The easiest thing you can do in EVE Online is to perform missions received from NPC Agents. Agents can assign you a variety of tasks, e.g. mining, hunting pirates, or delivering goods. You get rewards for each mission you complete.

It should be noted here that destroying ships of the four main factions of EVE Online is punished by a given faction. Think carefully before you accept such an order.


Exploration is one of the basic ways to make money (ISK) in EVE Online, especially for novice players - EVE Online: Jobs - Basics - EVE Online Guide

Exploration is one of the basic ways to make money (ISK) in EVE Online, especially for novice players. Exploration involves using probes to scan for anomalies in search of Data and Relics and then hacking the containers to gain loot.

If you want to explore a bit, we suggest using ships that have scanning and hacking bonuses, like Exploration Frigates, which are available to all factions.


Trading is an excellent activity for all who like to spend their free time searching the market and looking for goods that can be bought cheaply (lower than the market price) and sell for more. This is a very tedious business, but it can bring a huge profit if you manage to hit the current trends in the market.


Working as a transporter in EVE Online is about transporting goods, e.g. items and ammo across the vast world of New Eden, and delivering them to the addressee. Sometimes the role of a transporter is to carry goods to a place where they can be sold at a higher profit. Watch out for contracts that require going through low-security zones, especially at the beginning of the game.

If you want to work in the hauling business, you should buy a cheap Industrial Ship. Ships of this type can carry huge amounts of cargo.


Mining is about extracting resources from asteroids - EVE Online: Jobs - Basics - EVE Online Guide

Mining is about extracting resources from asteroids. It can turn out to be one of the more stable sources of income for many novice players of EVE Online. Moreover, it is a relatively safe occupation and does not require advanced skills.

The best ship for mining in EVE Online is the Venture. The Venture ship has a bonus for mining ore, and has been equipped with cargo holds of up to 5,000 m3, so you will be able to carry very large quantities of raw materials.


Being a Salvager is about using the Salvager module to collect shipwrecks that can be converted into parts and sell them on the market. This work does not require advanced skills and is relatively safe.

Destroyer is one of the ships best suited for this activity.


Hunting pirates (called Ratts) is a PvE (Player vs Environment) action about scouring outer space (usually asteroid belts and anomalies) in search of hostile NPCs and eliminating them so you can get rewards and loot.

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