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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Guide by

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Guide

Table of Contents

ETS2: Multiplayer - how to start? Euro Truck 2 Guide

Gameplay on serves is has different rules. Some of the elements from the standard game are absent and got replaced with new ones. These changes are described below.

  1. The first element is server time. Even if you aren't logged in, changes done to your profile will be synchronized once you log in on that server. What does it mean? For example, you stopped on a road and you were in the middle of a job. Then, you are logging in the next day. This means that a few days have passed in the game - you won't get money for that contract. The same goes for paying for a loan - if you were in the red and you log in after a long time then you can notice that a bank has confiscated your belongings! The solution for both problems is to log in to singleplayer first and pay money / deliver goods to your destination before you join a server.
  2. No NPCs - this is a problem for some players. None of the servers has any neutral AI-controlled vehicles.
  3. No Collision Zone - in places with many players at the same time (service shop, garages, companies) you can find special zones where you go through other players instead of hitting them. You can recognize these zones by the red text displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Some zones can need an update when a new patch / DLC for the game gets released so pay attention to that text.
  4. Rain doesn't appear for all players, it is an individually adjusted parameter. Because of that you should deactivate it for your game - others won't experience it.
  5. You may have some problems with hiring drivers in the multiplayer mode. They are often too slow to deliver a cargo or they can even stop working. You should check them more often if you run a company and you care about income.
  6. If you turned "Fatigue simulation" off then you have to activate it. There may be a situation where a list of contracts is inactive when you join a server. The solution is to move somewhere (call for emergency transportation) to a nearest service shop (this can cost you several hundreds of Euros if you are in a city). Sleep is a cheaper alternative - it also refreshes contracts list which is important if you are looking for jobs that you can complete with other players. Using a ferry can also fix this.
  7. Remember that not all players obey traffic regulations (red lights in an empty city, speed cameras on highways). Here, fines are also individual to players and they can be turned off in the options.
CB Radio channels can be changed in the online settings - ETS2: Multiplayer - how to start? - Multiplayer - Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Guide
CB Radio channels can be changed in the online settings
  1. You can communicate with others via CB Radio channels - you can be heard by players who are close to you, the maximum distance is 0.5 km (you can see them in the online panel presented on the left side of the screen). By opening that panel, you can change a channel for conversations and switch to a specific one so you can, e.g. speak with players who are in the same convoy (19 is the default channel).
Online map - you can check routes and cities, traffic or find specific players even when you are outside the game - ETS2: Multiplayer - how to start? - Multiplayer - Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Guide
Online map - you can check routes and cities, traffic or find specific players even when you are outside the game
  1. TruckersMP website lets you check a current situation on a particular server: which roads have the biggest traffic, you can use a search bar to find particular companies, gas stations or truck dealers.

Server regulations and reporting players

Multiplayer has special regulations that should increase safety on roads and improve the overall gameplay. Read it to avoid any future problems (usually, you only get disconnected from a server but in rare cases you can get a temporary or even a permanent ban).

Actions that can get you banned:

  1. Using cheats (e.g. speedhack, blocking or changing time) and well-known bugs is prohibited. This can lead to a permanent ban. However, modifications that affect only an individual player are allowed (e.g. changing amount of money or experience level).
  2. Hindering others' gameplay: collisions, blocking, aggressive speech on the voice chat, spam, leaving trailers on roads.
  3. Players with high (persisting) ping are disconnected.
  4. You get disconnected within 10 seconds if you don't turn lights on between 16:00 and 8:00.
  5. Staying inactive.
  6. Currently, it is prohibited to: use emergency lights, park and overtake in crowded places (+25 players, e.g. near Rotterdam).
  7. Using illegal parts (cars and modifications) and towing a trailer with a car.

Actions that can get you disconnected from a server:

Click Report to report a dangerous player - ETS2: Multiplayer - how to start? - Multiplayer - Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Guide
Click Report to report a "dangerous" player

The main reason for searching for "harmful" players is to report them. In order to report a player, you have to find their login and press "Send Report" button. After that you will have to give your reason. Admins watch replays carefully and then they decide how to deal with a particular player. However, not all reports are taken into consideration or it can take a lot of time for them to do something - remember to not report one player a few times in a row (this is against the regulations). If you don't see a person that you wanted to report (e.g. this player disappeared from your view), you can click on "History" button and check all players you saw recently.

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