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Enlisted Guide

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Enlisted: Campaigns Enlisted guide, walkthrough

Enlisted is divided into campaigns, which include not only different maps but separate development for soldiers, squads, and weapon upgrades. Because of this, new players may feel lost in the system created by the developers. This guide page provides the most important information about campaigns.

Campaigns - key information

Campaigns take players to different locations. - Enlisted: Campaigns - Basics - Enlisted Guide
Campaigns take players to different locations.

The most important information on campaigns in Enlisted are listed on following points:

  1. You can switch between campaigns in the game's main menu by choosing Switch campaign.
  2. Currently, in the game, there are two campaigns - Battle of Moscow and Invasion of Normandy. In addition, the Battle of Berlin campaign is in closed beta. The campaigns are also divided into two sides of the conflict - Allies and the Axis.
  3. Each campaign offers a completely different map, but the gameplay stays the same. In each match, your goal is to take over and maintain control points.
  4. By playing matches (and preferably winning them), you gain experience points for given campaign. By reaching new levels, you will unlock a new squad, soldier, or weapon.

Key information - each campaign has its own progress system. That means that unlocking a squad in the Battle of Moscow campaign doesn't mean you can use that squad in the Invasion of Normandy campaign. You need to develop each campaign separately because items earned in one campaign are not available in the others. Moreover, this also applies to the sides of the conflict. Squads unlocked for the Allies can't be used for the Axis, even in the same campaign.

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