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Endless Space 2 Game Guide by

Endless Space 2 Game Guide

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Riftborn Race in Endless Space 2 Endless Space 2 Guide

It is an unusual race because they came to the Endless universe from other dimension - Riftborn Race in Endless Space 2 - Races - Endless Space 2 Game Guide

It is an unusual race because they came to the Endless' universe from other dimension. They took the form of robots with unique abilities. Because they are from other dimension and see things rather differently the reproduction is no exception to that. They don't use and don't need Food because new population units are produced in the same way as ships and upgrades. Each subsequent member of a system costs more than the previous one. However, the costs are separate for each system. They like to colonize and their favorite systems that are least friendly to most of the citizens of the galaxy, those planets are: lava, sterile, barren and arctic. Their technologies unlock the ability to colonize those more friendly to other races. They can also learn about terraforming planets, however, this process is different than in other civilizations.

Special ability - Riftborn Race in Endless Space 2 - Races - Endless Space 2 Game Guide

Special ability. Their special ability is to create Singularities. They are special projects that can be stored for later. Their current number can be seen in something similar to equipment in the upper left corner below the bar that shows your Dust income, current inventions etc. You can use a Singularity on any system under your control at any moment but also the same can be done with systems that are in view range of your units. Some strengthen system, speed up production, open portals or weaken all activities within a system.

Faction's traits. Wary travelers reduce their movement by 1 point. They have Approval reduced by -10 points on fertile planets but this factor is increased by 20 points on sterile planets. They begin a game with Titanium and Hyperium deposits on their starting planet.

Race's traits. Population units must be constructed. There is a special project in the System Development that is used for that purpose. They have +5 to Dust, Industry and Science per citizen. Each Collection status gives you the access to: more support to Industrialists, +15% to Industry on planets with Riftborn and less movement points when a fleet uses a special tunnel and additional movement point per ship. They favorite ideology is the Industrialists one even if there are events connected to science. Ecologists' ideology has no impact on them.

Way of colonization - Riftborn Race in Endless Space 2 - Races - Endless Space 2 Game Guide

Way of colonization. Build a colonizing ship, send it to a system with inhabitable planet. After establishing an outpost you must build a new citizen. If a planet has high Industry then the process is faster. You can use two actions that can help this process but you must use strategic resources. Costs increase with each new subsequent outpost. No civilian ships are send to an outpost.

Basic ships. Their Colonizer is unarmed, it can only use support modules. Because of that you can install more engines and increase its speed or use it as an early invasion ship. Scout ships have two weapon slots and 3 support slots. Attack ships have a lot of weapon module slots which makes them dangerous enemies. Defense ships (Protector and Coordinator) can be classified as average when compared to other civilizations. This race's Carrier class is rather good. It has slots for three modules, one heavy and a few slots for defense and support modules. Riftborn's fleet can deal a lot of damage even if you are falling behind in when it comes to technology.

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