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Endless Space 2 Game Guide

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Modules and ship designs in Endless Space 2 Endless Space 2 Guide

In the game you can find a rather simple ship editor - Modules and ship designs in Endless Space 2 - Fleet and Army - Endless Space 2 Game Guide

In the game you can find a rather simple ship editor. Each unit has different amount of life, movement speed and the most important: number and types of modules. Some of the bigger units can have less modules but they can give you more profits. Say, if you place a module it is counted as if you have placed 2 or 4 modules in that slot (depending on slots in a given type of a ship).

Modules. Each ship has a limited amount of slots for particular modules. Some factions can have less or more module slots, even in the same types of ships. Besides the cost of building a ship you must also add the cost of creating each module. Sometimes it is better to leave some slots empty so you can deploy a given ship sooner. Better modules require more Industry points and better versions require more strategic resources. Those modules have the same color as a required strategic resource so you can easily check what you need to do.

You can install the following types of modules:

  • Weapon modules. You have four types of weapons - two based on kinetic projectiles and two based on lasers. Pay attention to damage, additional properties and their effectiveness at certain ranges.
  • Defense modules. Here, you can only find options to upgrade armor and shields. You should adjust your defense to weapons of your nearest neighbor or your greatest enemy. Besides that it is recommended to have a balanced number of those modules.
  • Support modules. In this category you can find all parts that improve your ships. From additional engines, repair modules to shield generators and siege equipment.

Some ships have limitations when it comes to modules which means that you can install only weapons or defense modules. You can see it when you look at module's symbol. Some places have mixed restrictions while others have none. Other modules can be installed only in specific types of ships, e.g. probes can only be installed in scout ships.

Hero ships can also be upgraded but you must pay Dust and strategic resources. You can do this by entering the screen where you can view a particular hero. Not only you can upgrade your old modules but you can also install new ones in empty slots. It is worth to upgrade ships of those heroes that command fleets or if you want to send them as scouts.


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