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Empire: Total War Game Guide by

Empire: Total War Game Guide

Table of Contents

Game Mechanics - Units - Cavalry units - part 1 | Units Empire: TW Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bargir Lancers

Description: a very good lancer cavalry with a great charge. They can handle with groups of 80 infantry soldiers. They have only one disadvantage: they have very low defensive stats and can be killed very quickly in close combat.

Armies: Marat Confederation

Camel Nomads

Description: worse than Bargir Lancers. The are not useful and quite expensive. I do not recommend to buy them: low starts - they can only destroy artillery and some soldiers that are escaping from the battlefield.

Armies: Marat Confederation


Description: Carbines needed. I can say that it is a good cavalry: moderate stats, lots of ammos and quite good accuracy. Only their reloading time is a bit too long and they cannot fight in close combat. The best id to use them as a support.

Armies: Austria, France, Spain


Description: as a starting unit, they may be useful. They are good at shooting but their low defense stats do not allow them to fight in melee combat. As a matter of fact they cannot be used against infantry.

Armies: France


Description: this cavalry is very good in charging. Chevau-légers cannot shoot but they have very good charge bonus. You will like them if you want to use cavalry.

Armies: France

Cossack Ataman Cavalry

Description: they are copy of Hussars. Cossack Ataman Cavalry have a very good charge and they can influent morale of nearby allies. You will like them if you want to use cavalry.

Armies: Russia


Description: Carbines needed. The are typical shooting cavalry. However, you cannot depend on them because of their weak charge. Later, you can change them with Dragoons.

Armies: Russia

Colonial Dragoons

Description: Carbines needed. The are exact copy of the normal dragoons. They can fight with horses and without them. They have a special bonus which affects the peace level in the city. They may be recruit only in colonies.

Armies: France, Spain, Netherlands, Great Britain

Colonial Light Cavalry

Description: very similar to province cavalry. They do not have good charge but they may be useful at the beginning of the game (for killing deserters and to eliminate artillery). Buy 2 or 3 units of this cavalry.

Armies: France, Spain, British Colonies


Description: a heavy cavalry with a very good charge (they can demolish regiments of good infantry). They are also very useful in eliminating the artillery. You can always deploy then on the wings. Try not to attack groups with 160 people - your cavalry won't be so effective and may be killed.

Armies: Austria, France, Spain, Prussia

Deli Horsemen

Description: Carbines needed. They are quite good as a shooting cavalry, especially at the beginning. I do not recommend to use them for a long time - they have weak charge and are unable to fight effectively with infantry. Later you can change them with Sipahis.

Armies: Ottoman Empire


Description: Carbines needed. They are very universal unit. They are fast (good unit to surround the enemy or to attack from the flank) and they can get off their horses and shoot. They can be used to eliminate single artillery units. Their disadvantages are however similar: they not so numerous unit with not so good morale level. Last important thing: they have bonus to keep the peace in the city.

Armies: Netherlands, Prussia, Russia, Republic of Poland, Sweden, Thirteen Colonies, Great Britain

Elephant Musketeers

Description: personally, I think that this unit is completely useless. Their statistics are similar to pindari horsemen but they are not so numerous. In fact, they have quite a good charge (train them if you need something between good charge and with proper shooting abilities). It is quite expensive unit.

Armies: Marat Confederation

Garde du Corps

Description: major strength in land battles. They do not have the best charge bonus (but can kill many enemies with that ability), but note that this unit is great with close combat so they will be able to fight effectively will large number of infantry.

Armies: France


Description: Gendarmerie is very similar to Provincial Cavalry. They are quite cheap and they may be use in regular battles. They can attack infantry with no stakes and bayonets. This unit is also very good in keeping peace in cities.

Armies: France, Prussia

General's Bodyguard

Description: this unit is moving with the commander of the army (at least it should be). They have quite good statistics but, as a matter of their number, they cannot be treated as a real military strength. They are able to kill some escaping soldiers and light cavalry. Try not to use them in regular fight if you have general with them (he may be killed).

WARNING! Generals in Marat Confederation are using elephants instead of horses. They are great in charging but try not to attack with them. They are very slow and your enemy can surround your unit very quickly.

Armies: Austria, France, Spain, Ottoman Empire, Marat Confederation, Netherlands, Prussia Russia, Republic of Poland, Sweden, Thirteen Colonies, Great Britain


Description: a very weak cavalry that has similar statistics to the Provincial Cavalry. The are very resistant to low temperatures so they won't be useful in your battles in south Europe. If you have some money you can use them in battles with Russians.

Armies: Sweden

Heavy Cavalry

Description: very nice unit. They have high charge bonus and, in addiction, they can also fight in close combat too. They can be used to kill enemy infantry and cavalry. Moreover they are very nice in normal cavalry jobs: eliminating artillery and killing deserters.

Armies: Sweden, Great Britain

Household Cavalry

Description: they are quite good unit at the beginning. The best is to use them against infantry regiments consisted of (maximum) 100 soldiers. They have not high defense stats so they cannot be used in close combat (especially when your opponent troops are equipped with bayonets). They are able to eliminate artillery and kill some deserters.

Armies: Austria, Spain, Prussia, Russia, Republic of Poland, Sweden

Hungarian Hussars

Description: very similar to provincial cavalry. In fact, they have higher stats and they also cost more money. They are good at typical cavalry jobs: charging the enemy, eliminating artillery, etc.

Armies: Austria


Description: a weak unit that can be used to charge enemy infantry regiments (like light infantry or militia). Hussars are numerous (60) so they can attack quite many opponents. Enemy artillery and escaping opponents are very good target for them.

Armies: Austria, Prussia, Russia, Republic of Poland, Great Britain

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