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Empire: Total War Game Guide by

Empire: Total War Game Guide

Table of Contents

Game Mechanics - Units - Infantry units - part 1 | Units Empire: TW Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Armed Peasantry

Description: slightly better than landless rabble (peasants have guns), but still no revelations. They are in small numbers, and they have modest accuracy and small amount of ammunition.

Armies: Marat Confederation


Description: similar to Rangers or Siberian Hunters in other countries. Azzars have a shooting range larger than the typical infantry, and they can move in cover. You can organize traps with them, attack flank in silence and secretly pass near the enemy artillery. Unfortunately, they are too good in melee combat.

Armies: Ottoman Empire

Bargir Infantry

Description: typical line infantry. Slightly better that the Hindu Musketeers, but they are much worse in melee combat. They are physically and mentally resistant (the best defense and morale factors of simple units), so use them to defend some sensitive points.

Armies: Marat Confederation


Description: infantry that is quite good in melee combat, both: on the battlefields and in the buildings. Bashi-Bazouks are able to kill infantry units and militia very effectively. However they are very defenseless against cavalry (their regiments consists from less than a hundred of soldiers) .

Armies: Ottoman Empire

Beylik Janissary Grenadiers

Description: they are equipped with grenades. They are very good in flank attacks. Thanks to their bombs they can kill many of the enemy soldiers in a very short time. They are not as good as European Grenadiers, because they cannot fight effectively in melee combat.

Armies: Ottoman Empire

Beylik Janissary Musketeers

Description: very good units, very useful and worth to be popularized in the Turkish army. Change Isarelys with them to change your army from peasantry to regular , tough soldiers. They have very good shooting abilities and they have high morale

Armies: Ottoman Empire


Description: Machined Rifling is needed. They are very bad in melee combat. Their advantage is a very large shooting range and short time of reloading. As a matter of fact, they can be extremely useful in every battle against musketeers.

Armies: Spain

Cemaat Janissaries

Description: very good at melee combat. If you like Bashi-bazouks, then think about recruiting some Cemaat Janissaries. They are much better in fights against infantry - both in the battlefield and buildings. They have only one flaw: they cannot hide.

Armies: Ottoman Empire


Description: Light Infantry Doctrine is needed. French Chasseurs-a-Pied are very similar to the every light infantry in the other countries. The are good at guns and slightly worse in melee combat. They can deploy stakes and they have much larger shooting range. Their flaw is that they can be found in small numbers.

Armies: France

Chasseurs Britannique

Description: Light Infantry Doctrine is needed. They are very similar to the Light Infantry but they have much better shooting range. In fact they are not as good as line infantry in melee combat (mainly because of their morale level). They can deploy stakes to stop the cavalry.

Armies: Great Britain

Coldstream Guards

Description: very expensive but very good infantry. They are reloading their guns very quickly, have very good accuracy. In addition the are very good in melee combat and have very high morale level. If you can, buy them immediately. You will be able to train them when your country will be quite wealthy (so should be no problem with money).

Armies: Great Britain

Colonial Light Infantry

Description: Light Infantry Doctrine is needed. Quite good infantry, especially with musket fights. They can deploy stakes to stop cavalry and they have quite long shooting range. Their only flaw is that they are not numerous.

Armies: France, Spain, Netherlands, Great Britain

Colonial Line Infantry

Description: countries with colonies can train these units. They are very good because the have slightly higher statistics and they are much cheaper. Their cost of living is higher but it shouldn't be a problem.

Armies: France, Spain, Netherlands, Great Britain

Colonial Militia

Description: good infantry, mostly because of their number and low cost. It cannot be formed in advanced formations but is ideal to keep peace in cities. In American campaign it can be used as a reinforcement but never as a main army.

Armies: France, Spain, Netherlands, Great Britain, British Colonies

Colonial Pikemen

Description: Its good to have couple of these units in your army at start. It can be used to fight against enemy infantry and, in large numbers, with other infantry. However, beware of opponent grenadiers and infantry with bayonets. This unit can be replaces with musketeers with bayonets.

Armies: Thirteen Colonies


Description: in very huge numbers but its very poor. Cheaper than militia. Train this unit only to keep peace in the cities. You do not want to use them in battles (militia is better). They can be recruit only in republics.

Armies: Netherlands

Cossack Infantry

Description: quite good at the beginning (before you will able to train typical line infantry). Cossack have a good shooting range and reloading time. They have two major disadvantages: accuracy and melee combat. They don't use bayonets, but they will be useful in Crimea, Chechnya and Georgia.

Armies: Russia

Coureurs de Bois

Description: In small numbers and has not very high statistics. The good thing is that they are cheap. They can be used to set traps and attack from the flank. They are able to hide. In addition they have very good shooting range. Remember that this unit cannot use bayonets.

Armies: France

Desert Warriors

Description: a very good militia. They don't have very good statistics but you can use them at the beginning. Their strength is in their number (more than a 100 people in one regiment). They can be replaced with Isarelys.

Armies: Ottoman Empire

Expatriate Infantry

Description: very similar to line infantry. The only differences are in the price and morale. They will help you to save some money. In addition they are quite good in fight.

Armies: Austria, Spain Netherlands, Prussia, Russia, Republic of Poland, Sweden, Thirteen Colonies

Ferguson Riflemen

Description: Screw Breach needed. Quite similar to Green Jackets. Ferguson Riflemen have a great time of reloading and very long shooting range. On the other hand they cannot fight in melee combat without bayonets and proper training.

Armies: Great Britain

Firelock Armed Citizenry/Populace

Description: cannon fodder in its pure form. They are fighting only when the are forces to defend their city. They cost nothing, but they are worth nothing more. They have quite good shooting ability, but they will be killed in melee combat very quickly.

Armies: Austria, France, Spain, Ottoman Empire, Marat Confederation, Netherlands, Prussia, Russia, Republic of Poland, Sweden, Thirteen Colonies, Great Britain


Description: they can't be found in huge number, statistics are much lower than in the line infantry. The good thing is that they are very cheap. They can hide and they have quite a long range (as a matter of fact they can organize traps and attacks from flanks). They do not use bayonets.

Armies: Spain

Gorodskiye Streltsy

Description: nothing to say, very poor infantry and it can only fight in close combat. They be effective only with peasantry. Try to replace them with Cossack Infantry.

Armies: Russia


Description: They are expensive and not numerous. These flaws are repaid with their good side and these are: very good firepower, quick reloading and the ability to use grenades. Two units of grenadiers can fight with almost every infantry (almost because they won't be affective against infantry with long shooting range). Their explosions are good to lower the enemy morale level.

Armies: Austria, France, Spain, Prussia, Republic of Poland, Sweden, Thirteen Colonies, Great Britain

Green Jackets

Description: Screw Breach needed. Very good shooting unit. They have tremendous accuracy and shooting range, the time of reloading is also very good. In addition they can dangerous in close combat, but do not use them to that kind of fights (because of their small numbers).

Armies: Great Britain

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