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Empire of Sin Guide

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Empire of Sin: Rackets - types; how to open them? Empire of Sin guide, tips

Last update: Monday, January 25, 2021

On this page of the Empire of Sin guide you will find information about the types of rackets in the game. You will also learn how to open new businesses.

How to open a racket?

To start a racket you need to own a building that you can remodel. In each district you will find a number of objects that you can take over for your own use. Some of them are in the possession of mob bosses, the rest are intended for sale or for forceful takeover from bandits unrelated to the factions.

If you take a business by force, you have to fight for it. The degree of difficulty of the fight depends on the degree of protection of the compound.

When you take over the building, a special panel will appear, asking you what to do with it. If you decide to take over the racket, you will see a list of buildings you can build in a given location and how much it will cost you.

Types of rackets


The place required for the production of alcohol. This is one of the crucial buildings in the game, because it allows you to supply your bars with liquor. At the basic level it produces the cheapest type of booze. After making some improvements, however, it will also be able to generate other, fancier kinds of liquor. It is important in so far as each district of Chicago likes a different type of drink so in order to gain more influence you have to cater to their needs.

Matching the proper alcohol is important if you want to attract customers. - Empire of Sin: Rackets - kinds, types & how to open them - Basics - Empire of Sin Guide
Matching the proper alcohol is important if you want to attract customers.

After buying a chosen upgrade, the brewery continues to produce the cheapest alcohol by default. To change this you need to go to the neighborhood panel and select the brewery in question.


The hotel allows you to attract more potential customers to the area, which translates into increased profits. However, to build it you need to have the right synergy. Meaning, you need to accumulate your businesses at a fairly close distance.

Illegal bar

A place where you can sell alcohol made in the breweries. If your bar sells liquor tailored to its neighborhood's needs, you will be able to cash in some large sums.


A place of pleasure for the hardworking people of Chicago. The easiest source of income - its relatively cheap to set up (in most buildings) and do not require any alcohol to operate.


A casino is a more expensive building than a brothel, but it allows you to generate more profits and also does not require alcohol to operate. Here, however, you are at a risk of having one of the clients win, reducing your profits (or generating a loss).


The safehouse is one of the buildings that you will start out with. A single district can hold only one racket of this type. Theoretically, it allows you to manage your empire, however, the options that are there are easily available in the game at any time, so the importance of a safehouse is marginal.

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