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Elite: Dangerous Game Guide

Travel to the far reaches of the universe! In this guide to the Elite: Dangerous you will find plenty of tips and pieces of information which will help you with taking your first steps in your galactic career.

In this guide to the Elite: Dangerous you will find plenty of tips and pieces of information which will help you with taking your first steps in your galactic career. From tips concerning the basic flight system up to the choice of a controller, earning money and acquiring the Elite rank. This guide is based on the 1.0 version of the game but it will be expanded and updated every time a new add-on or a major patch will appear. You will find here the description of every ship, piece of equipment, a detailed info on the market aspect and so on.

Topics which will be described consist of:

  • Introduction to the Elite: Dangerous world.
  • What is Elite: Dangerous and how is it different from other simulators.
  • Keys functions and a description of the control schemes.
  • Interface description both of the ships as well as the cosmic stations.
  • Introduction to the flying system.
  • Docking and activities available on the stations.
  • Navigation on the galactic map and travelling in the hyperspace.
  • Fight and types of equipment.
  • Career paths and ways of earning money.
  • Statistics of every ship in the game.

Piotr "Maxim" Kulka (

About Elite: Dangerous Game Guide

Author : Piotr "MaxiM" Kulka for

last update : May 5, 2016

Guide contains : 38 pages, 401 images.

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Hot Topics of Elite: Dangerous Game Guide

Elite: Dangerous Video Game

Elite: Dangerous
  • genre: Simulation

  • developer: Frontier Developments/Chris Sawyer
  • publisher: Frontier Developments
  • platform: PC

In Elite: Dangerous the player assumes control of a remote interstellar ship and travels to the far reaches of the universe, performing various tasks, and getting rich thanks to the trade.

The action takes place in the distant future, in a time when humanity had colonized countless planetary systems. In the universe created by the developers, the dominant role is played by the three superpowers - the Empire, the Federation, and the Independent.

The essence of the game is simple - at the start we get a small ship and a hundred credits, then we are thrown into the Milky Way with 100 billion stars, and it depends only on us what we will do next. We decide whether to become a stellar merchant, a pirate, a bounty hunter, an assassin, an explorer, a miner, or we can also freely combine these activities. The game features a dynamic combat system which takes into account the principles of physics of the space.

In Elite: Dangerous, solo and multiplayer modes are not separate. Instead, the participants themselves decide whether they want to play alone, or initiate a game for a group of friends, or those who are willing to join in.

Elite: Dangerous PC version System Requirements

Minimum: Quad Core 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB GeForce GTX 260/Radeon 4870 HD or better, Windows 7/8

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