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Elex Game Guide

Table of Contents

How should I explore the world? Elex Guide

This chapter explains in what order you should visit the cities and how to explore world of Magalan.

Last update: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Below, you can find our suggested order of visiting the main cities in Elex as well as tips for actions that should be performed when you reach them for the first time. Using this information should protect you from having a journey full of challenges or reaching dangerous areas when your level isn't high enough.

Additional information about travelling - How should I explore the world? - FAQ - Elex Game Guide
  1. The game starts in ruins located in Edan - this place is marked by point 1 in the picture.
  2. Upon leaving the ruins Jax meets Duras who offers him a journey to Goliet village. Agree to his proposition because you have nothing to lose. Duras' company allows you to kill the first few monsters with greater ease. During your journey to Goliet you can stop in a location marked by point 2. There, you can find a small quest during which you must find a Clerics' weapon. In the later parts of the game this location will become your team's camp.
  3. Reach Goliet alone or together with Duras. This place is the Berserkers' headquarters - point 3 on the map. This is a great chance for completing the first few optional quests. You can do them without a fear that you will join the Berserkers prematurely. You can work for all three factions before you decide join one of them. Goliet, besides an option to complete a few quests, also allows you to find your first companion - Duras. Warning - Try to avoid quests from Goliet during which you must visit dangerous regions of Edan or defeat powerful enemies. You can leave them for later when you reach, e.g. level 15-20.
  4. After that you can head to another big city. Your choices are Domed City or The Fort. Domed City is located in Abessa which is north-west from Goliet - point 4 in our picture. During your journey you should stay away from the Converter in Edan, the same goes for all other Converters (X marks on the map). Inside and outside each one of the Converters you can find powerful enemies that can only be defeated by a high-level character. Domed City offers a lot new side quests. Most of them are easy which allows you to get a few levels. Here, you can also join Caja to your team.
  5. The second city, that you can visit, is called The Fort in Tavar - this location is the Outlaws' headquarters. If you decide to go there you should first head north from Goliet and reach Sandy Pines motel - point 5 on the map. There, you can find Ray who can be easily recruited to your team. After that you can head south-east towards The Fort - point 6. This location offers you a lot of new side quests (just like in Goliet, helping the Outlaws doesn't mean that you will join them).
  6. Origin is a smaller location that is connected to one of the main quests in the game. This location is on a border between Abessa and Edan - point 7. The best way to reach that place is to go there from Domed City. Origin gives you a chance to complete a few quests that will reward you with a lot of experience points.
  7. After spending enough time in Domed City and The Fort you can think about visiting the last big city in the game. That place, called Hort, is located in Ignadon (point 8) and is the Clerics' headquarters. Ignadon is inhabited by strong monsters which means that going there on foot can be difficult. Luckily for you, you don't have to do that because unlocking a teleport near Domed City also unlocks one near Hort. Thanks to that you can reach the city without problems that can only be solved by a strong character.

Additional information about travelling:

  1. The snowy land, called Xacor, located in the north (big X in the picture) should be ignored until you reach the later parts of the story. There are no allied cities there. Instead, you can find a lot of strong enemies that can be a real challenge for a character below level 20-25.
  2. You can travel from city to city by using main roads or by going through wilderness. Both methods work well but the second one requires you to use the jet pack a lot. Almost each journey means that you will fight with monsters. However, you can escape from a lot of them by using sprint and the jet pack. Don't worry about your companion because even if they stay behind, they will be teleported back to Jax.
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