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Elex Game Guide

Table of Contents

Inventory Elex Guide

In Elex, equipment is divided into three main categories  Weapons, Armor and Items - Inventory - Gameplay basics - Elex Game Guide

In Elex, equipment is divided into three main categories Weapons, Armor and Items. These categories are further divided into smaller ones. In Weapons category, you can find:

  1. One-Handed all one-handed weapons (swords, smaller axes) and shields.
  2. Two-Handed all two-handed weapons (swords, axes, hammers).
  3. Guns bows, crossbows, regular and plasma firearms.
  4. Heavy grenades, rocket launchers, flamethrowers.
  5. Magic everything connected to magic.
  6. Ammunition bolts, arrows, bullets, fuel.

In Armor category, you can find:

  1. Head helmets, cowls etc.
  2. Body all sorts of armors.
  3. Leg all pants.
  4. Hand rings.
  5. Neck amulets.

In Items category, you can find:

  1. Potions all potions
  2. Chems antidotes, stimulants.
  3. Food all sorts of food.
  4. Plants all collected plants.
  5. Tool/key lock picks, keys, torches.
  6. Materials Elex, mana, gathered shards and trophies taken from monsters.
  7. Other all sorts of junk.
  8. Socket stones for upgrading weapons.

Most of your items can be placed in quick tab bar which can increase speed of using them (you don't have to enter your inventory in order to, e.g. drink a potion or to eat meat). Remember, that space in inventory is unlimited.

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