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Elex Game Guide

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Starting tips Elex Guide

Last update: Sunday, October 29, 2017

1. Save your game often. Magalan is a dangerous planet – staying outside of protected locations can end with your death, especially in the first few hours in the game. A bloodthirsty beast or a bandit lurks around every corner and because of that saving a lot can save you from losing your progress.

2. Remember that opening an equipment screen, map or character screen doesn't pause the game. Even if you open your inventory, you are still vulnerable to attacks and NPCs won't stop their actions.

3. Collect everything. Your character has an unlimited amount of space in his equipment so, in the beginning of the game, you should collect everything. Even junk can be sold, this allows you to earn some money.

4. Use your jet pack. The ability to fly allows you to visit locations that, at a first glance, are unreachable. Also, jet pack makes exploration faster. It allows you to descend slowly from mountains, cliffs or tall buildings.

5. Running away is usually the only option during a confrontation with a powerful monster or a character. Even on the lowest difficulty level, the world of Elex can be a challenge. In the beginning of the game your character has no chances against powerful beasts and experienced heroes can defeat Jax with only a few hits. If you feel that you won't be able to win, sprint or the jet pack are the perfect solution.

6. Look for teleportation places. Teleports are the only way of fast travelling in Elex and because of that you should discover as many of them as possible. This will make your travels around the world much faster. They are often hidden in vegetation so be careful during your exploration.

7. Don't steal… At least not when someone is looking at you. After taking someone's possession all nearby NPCs (especially guards) will react immediately. This can end with fine or even your death. If you want to steal something then you should do that when you are alone.

8. Use food and plants. Although potions regenerate your health faster, they are more expensive and difficult to find. A slice of meat or a healing herb are also good for healing your wounds after a battle. Potions should be left for critical situations – in the beginning of the game you should use them only during fights.

9. Sleep fully regenerates your health bar. Using beds or bedrolls is a free way of getting your entire health back. Places in which you can sleep can be found in the entire world – they are in villages, cities, ruins or even woods.

10. Travel with a companion. Having someone at your side during battles is very helpful. With a companion, you are able to defeat a beast that you wouldn't be able to defeat alone. All experience goes to you so you don't have to worry that your companion can delay development of your hero. However, you must remember that companions aren't immortal and can die during fights.

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