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Crafting jewelry in The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset ESO guide, tips

With the introduction of Summerset expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online, players can finally create their own jewelry. This activity is reserved only for players who purchased this expansion. You can create new things in every major city where you have the appropriate crafting equipment.

Players who don't own the Summerset expansion, can still collect the crafting materials needed to make jewelry, and then trade with others, who need these materials. In addition, each feature reserved for trinkets will be available in any scheme, regardless of whether it is blacksmithing or carpentry.

As with other crafts-related activities, you'll find exactly the same scheme when you are creating your jewelry. You can destroy an object, to gain materials, you can create new things, increase level/rarity of particular item, or explore new features.


With the new expansion, new craft materials appeared in the game, they are dedicated only for jewelry crafting:

  1. Level 1st-25th: Pewter
  2. Level 26th-50th: Copper
  3. Champion rank 1st-60th: Silver
  4. Champion rank 70th-140th: Electrum
  5. Champion rank 150th-160th: Platinum


The jewelry features are similar to those previously were known before, although presented under other names. Practically every feature can be studied using the Research option at the craft table:

  1. Arcane - Increases max level of Magic
  2. Healthy - Increases max level of Health
  3. Robust - Increases max level of Stamina
  4. Triune - Increases max level of Magic, Stamina and Health
  5. Protective - Increases physical and magical defense
  6. Infused - Increases level of enchantment
  7. Swift - Increases the speed of movement
  8. Harmony - Increases bonus of items synergy
  9. Bloodthirsty - Increased damage to enemies with low life

Increasing Level/Rarity of an item

You can raise the level of a particular item if this is not the rarest/legendary one at any time. As with previous crafts related activities, to raise the level of a particular item, you must have special materials:

  1. Fine - Terne
  2. Superior - Iridium
  3. Epic - Zircon
  4. Legendary - Chromium

These objects are usually obtained for the improvement of craft materials.

New skill tree - Jewelry Crafting

Every activity associated with crafting has its own skill tree, and the creation of jewelry is no different. Those skill trees will allow you to create better and more powerful items, and help you find the materials you need.

  1. Engraver - Allows you to create better items.
  2. Keen Eye: Jewelry - Highlights craft materials during exploration.
  3. Jewelry Extraction - Increase the chance to gain craft materials, when destroying an item.
  4. Lapidary Reasearch - Accelerates the acquisition of new features.
  5. Platings Expertise - It reduces the number of items and increases the chance when improving jewelry.
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