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How to join to the Psijic Order in The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset? ESO guide, tips

This Summerset expansion a new skill development tree for any character. Of course it refers to Psijic Order skill tree. Skills and spells mainly focus on supporting and healing, however there is also something for the characters, who don't wield magic. In this case, you can cast a spell on your weapon (Imbue Weapon), to deal additional damage with the next attack. Next skill called Accelerate, deserves special attention. This is powerful reinforcement, which guarantees you strength increase and instantaneous increase of movement speed. And another skill named Undo gives you opportunity to reverse time, this is ultimate skill which allows you to heal wounds you get during the battle.

Joining the Psijic Order

To even have an opportunity to gain the mentioned skill tree, you must complete few quests beforehand. First of all, it'll be Queen's Decree, main mission that you obtain after the arrival to the major island of Summerset. After the completion of this quest, you will be able to teleport to the Artaeum, where you're going to speak with Loremaster Celarus, and then you'll get a new quest - The Psijics' Calling. This task consists in closing several time breaches in the island. However, before this happens, you will have to get to Wasten Coraldale, and take the map from the chest. The quest could cause some problems, because places with time breaches, won't be marked on your map. The hint, is the fact, that you will find a handmade map in your equipment, in the Quests tab - Psijic Map of Summerset, so if you get lost, you can always check it again.

Closing time breaches are the next step in completing this quest. In any case, when you'll be approaching the exact place on the map, you are informed that the breach is near your position. A good way to complete this mission is also to check your compass. If the task is currently marked in your journal, white markers will show up on your compass that cannot be omitted. After closing all of the nine time breaches, you can return to Celarus, to accomplish the quest and get access to Psijic Order skill tree.

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