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Warden as support | Warden class ESO guide, tips

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The Warden as support can successfully replace the Templar or a typical healer. The number of combinations that support a team is so great that you can use two different sets of weapons and skills. This is only recommended when you master the first set. During the fight you will be able to successfully switch between the healing skills and the skills that support the team with a variety of bonuses.

Since we're talking about supporting, we have to mention typical healers here. In this case, the recommended armor will be light armor and the Restoration staff. This way you will maximize the value of your Magicka statistic, which will be your main resource during combat. Of course, you can use Magicka and Stamina, as the Healing Staff is using Magicka and Green Balance can use both.

In addition to the typical healing skills, the Warden has a whole range of buffs for the team, and nerfs against the opponents. It is recommended that you use the healers, or hybrids, as the main build, before level 15 (that is, before the level where you get the ability to use additional skills and weapons). This is because, as a rule, in public dungeons and Trials, there is no room for a character that only specializes in support (without healing skills).

After reaching level 15, the Warden as support takes becomes more significant in battle and also really powerful. At this point you can use two sets of skills and with the appropriate button to change weapons you will be able to cope with any situation. Always start the fight by buffing allies and nerfing opponents, and then focus on healing injuries.

Recommended build

Heres the build we recommend for playing as support - Warden as support | Warden class - Warden Class - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Here's the build we recommend for playing as support:

  1. Restoration Staff - This will be your main weapon during the whole game. Skills from this tree allow healing allies.
  2. Animal Companions - Focus on getting the Betty Netch skill, which replenishes your mana.
  3. Green Balance - This tree contains a whole bunch of healing skills. Particularly, check out skills like Fungal Growth, Healing Seed and Nature's Grasp.
  4. Winter's Embrace - Buy skills such as Frost Cloak, Impaling Shards and Sleet Storm.
  5. Armor - Use light armors to use passive skills from this tree. This will help you with using Magicka reserves.

Warden as support is not that much different than any other class. The task is to hold the whole team alive and to manage the mana amount needed for abilities. During more challenging encounters with multiple enemies, it's a good strategy to weaken their defenses with Impaling Shards and buff allies with Frost Cloack. During bossfights, prepare the Ultimate skill - Sleet Storm. Using it will let you lower all types of damage taken by your every ally.

Name of the skill


Fungal Growth

A healing skill that you get right after the game's beginning. It should be upgraded to Enchanted Growth. Apart from healing, the defense ratio is increased for all allies.

Healing Seed

Healing skill, and after upgrade (Corrupting Pollen) decreases the healing points of the enemy.

Grand Healing

Healing skill from the Restoration Staff tree. Upgrade it to Healing Springs on the first occasion.


A healing skill that is in effect for a period of time. Use it before a fight. Morph on Rapid Regeneration.

Frost Cloak

Frost Cloak with the Ice Fortress upgrade increases the defense for the whole team, and additionally decreases the damage taken.

Betty Netch

Replenishes your mana. It's very important that you buy it as soon as you can.

Sleet Storm

An Ultimate skill that deals damage, slows enemies down by 70% and decreases damage taken by allies by 30%. Use it cautiously since the recharge time is long.

Passive skills for support Warden:

  1. Savage Beast - Passive ability with the Animal Companions tree, which adds points for the ultimate skill. This allows you to load your Ultimate much faster.
  2. Flourish - For each skill from the Animal Companion tree you will receive a mana regeneration bonus. It is worth spending the maximum amount of points on this skill.
  3. Nature's Gift - It improves the healing efficiency of the Green Balance tree and renews your resources.
  4. Emerald Moss - Increase healing effectiveness depending on how many active skills from the Green Balance trees you have.
  5. Maturation - Increase the HP of those allies, who were healed by you with a skill from the Green Balance tree.
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