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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

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Warden for playing solo | Warden class ESO guide, tips


The first Warden build that we're going to consider is meant for playing solo. You will gain an increasing amount of XP for doing quests, which will translate into the number of available skills, and hence allow you to unlock more of them. Playing solo, you will not have to limit yourself to any particular set of arms - you can use literally everything you want. Notice, however, that if you're playing as a mage, it's recommended that you use staffs, because these weapons are directly influenced by Magicka. In such case, a recommended arms set is War Maiden, i.e. the set that has additional magic stats. Elements of this set can be found in chests, dropped by monsters, or awarded to you for quests (the set cannot be crafted).

When you decide what sort of weapons do you fancy using, it's time to allocate first skill points. If you're using light armors and staffs (playing a mage) you can go ahead and pack all the points into Magicka. You will hence maximize the damage dealt by weapons and have more mana needed for using abilities. If you don't want to play as a mage, and would rather swing some of the melee weapons the game offers - invest in Stamina stats. In more advanced stages of the game, you will be able to modify your skills so that they also use this statistic (every weapon that's not a staff uses Stamina stats).

Recommended build

Heres the build we recommend for playing solo - Warden for playing solo | Warden class - Warden Class - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Here's the build we recommend for playing solo:

  1. Destruction Staff (for Magicka) or any other weapon (for Stamina) - As we've said. Use the staff and boost your Magicka if you're a mage. For any other weapon use Stamina stats.
  2. Animal Companions - This skilltree is about conjuring animals and dealing damage. Prioritize getting the following skills: Dive and Scorch. After reaching the right level, buy an Ultimate skill - Feral Guardian. See which skills you use most often and modify stats accordingly.
  3. Green Balance - This tree contains healing skills. Prioritize Fungal Growth and Healing Seed. This tree will let you heal yourself after tough fights.
  4. Winter's Embrace - This tree is about support skills. Prioritize ImpalingShards and Frost Cloak. The former slows enemies down and deals damage per second (DPS); the latter boosts your defense.
  5. Armor - If you're using magicka - wear light armor. If Stamina - medium or heavy. You will thus gain access to passive skills assigned to the given tree and maximize the value of your build.

After gaining access to these abilities, the first thing to do is call the bear, i.e. use the Ultimate skill from the Animal Companions tree. The animal will follow us until it is killed or dismissed. Start fighting with the Scorch skill, which deals huge damage to all opponents in front of you. Immediately use the ImpalingShards to deal DPS and slow down enemies. You will end battles with Dive, which deals damage to a single target.

Cure yourself with Fungal Growth and Healing Seed if you receive severe damage during the fight. If before the fight you find that another clash will be difficult, join it after activating Frost Cloak skills. This way you will increase your defense stats.

Name of the skill

Description of the skill


The ability deals magic damage to a single target. Morph depending on the statistics you use.

Fungal Growth

The skill heals you and all your allies around. Morph depending on the statistics you use.


Ability to inflict massive damage to all opponents in front of you. Morph depending on the statistics you use.


Slow down enemies and deal DPS. Morph on Grippling Shards, which immobilizes opponents for 3 seconds.

Frost Cloak

A skill that increases the character's defense ratio. Morph on Ice Fortress decreasing the amount of damage received.

Feral Guardian

An ultimate skill that, once activated, will be active most of the time. The called bear will fight on your side and focus the opponents' attention. Re-activation of the skill at the time of reaching the Ultimate 75 points will cause massive damage to a single opponent. Morph depending on the statistics you use.

Passive skills useful for solo play:

  1. Savage Beast - Passive ability with the Animal Companions tree, which adds points for the ultimate skill. This allows you to load your Ultimate much faster.
  2. Flourish - For each skill from the Animal Companion tree you will receive a mana regeneration bonus. It is worth spending the maximum amount of points on this skill.
  3. Advanced Species - This skill will increase the skill damage of the Animal Companions, for each active player in the bar.
  4. Nature's Gift - It improves the healing efficiency of the Green Balance tree and renews your resources.
  5. Frozen Armor - Increases defense stats.
  6. Piercing Cold - Increases damage dealt with by Winter's Embrace.
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