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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

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Gaining experience in crafting | Provisioning ESO guide, tips


Deconstruction of a weapon.

Leveling up crafting must be divided into a number of groups, because not all of them offer the same possibilities.

Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Clothing, Enchanting

The first three (Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Clothing) offer two different approaches: creating items and deconstructing them. Unfortunately, colleting (and processing) crafting materials yields no experience into the branch of crafting. Paradoxically, you gain more experience from deconstructing, than from making stuff.

Creating items, to gain experience in a branch of crafting, is useful only on the lower levels, when you don't have access to a vast number of items which can be deconstructed. Use this process to get through the "first two levels" of crafting materials available to this three branches of crafting. Those are:

  • Blacksmithing - Iron, Steel
  • Clothing - Jute, Flax, Rawhide, Hide
  • Woodworking - Maple, Oak

The best solution (offering the most experience with the least costs in crafting materials), during the early levels, is to create items from the worst material (Iron for Blacksmithing, Jute and Rawhide for Clothing, Maple for Woodworking), crafting it on the highest possible level.

For instance - crafting Jute Boots:

  • Jute Boots on a 1 level - require 5 crafting materials, offer 59 experience points for crafting the item.
  • Jute Boots on a 14 level - require 11 crafting materials, offer 268 experience points for crafting the item.

As you can see on the above comparison, to create the highest level item (with the worst material) you have to use a little more than double quantity of crafting materials, receiving over four times the experience in return. It looks the same in Blacksmithing and Woodworking.

After getting to the "third" material in those 3 branches of crafting, you can forget about crafting stuff to level up - all you have to do is to deconstruct items now.

By deconstructing items, besides gaining a lot if crafting materials (which was mentioned in previous sections), you will earn huge amounts of experience for the corresponding branch of crafting. Given the fact that from the 30th level of experience you will be literally flooded with items (most of which are useless to you), you can advance your crafting very fast.

Remember that you can deconstruct your own created items - but they yield little experience. You will gain the most from the items received as quests rewards.

In regards to Enchanting, to level it up, you will have to spend the most time, because it's hard to get all the necessary materials to be able to create Glyphs - the process of collecting runes yields no experience. You can also deconstruct already created (or picked up) Glyphs, to gain some experience and (with a bit of luck) some Runestones.

Alchemy and Provisioning

Those two branches are the easiest to advance through - you can only level them up by making items. Fortunately, it's a lot easier to find materials to make items from those branches, you need less of them for a single item (ranging from 2 to 5, unlike Blacksmithing / Clothing / Woodworking, where you need over a dozen for a single item) and both the professions level up a lot faster than all the others.

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