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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Table of Contents
The Elder Scrolls Online - Glenumbra
The Elder Scrolls Online - Glenumbra
A climb above Crosswych
A tower explored is Ilessen learned
Before Dresan's headless sentinel
Behind a wall to Enduum all
Beneath a Hag's footbridge
Close to finding the kings
Far behind the Elf-haters' lines
Guarding Daggerfall's eastern gates
In the bowels of Cryptwatch
In the roots of the Hallows
Near Silumm's well on Daggerfall shores
Search amongst the shrieks
Westtry's dead slept underneath
Where Ebon Crypts become Ebon Caves
Where vines strangle the sleeping dead
Within a mine of blood and thorns
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Glenumbra | Daggerfall Covenant ESO guide, tips

Key points of The Elder Scrolls Online - Glenumbra

Quest Hubs - this sign and similar landmarks point to locations with quest givers. Every quest hub got his own short story.

Skyshards - located on ground level ore above.

Skyshards (underground) - located in dungeons or caves

Wayshrines - you can teleport to previously visited Wayshrines. If you die you show up at the nearest Wayshrines.

Public Dungeons and Caves - solo or group, caves or dungeons. You will visit this locations with random players.

Group Dungeons - private group dungeon, you can visit it with your group only. You will not meet other players here. The difficulty of the dungeon is set for 4 person group.

Dark Anchor - spawning point for Molag Bal forces. This is the place where you can with other players try to destroy the Anchor.

World Bosses - elite enemies encounters for groups.

Locales - places to visit, for a visit all on the map you get achievement

Item Set Crafting Location - every item crafted in this location will be part of specific set. Different bonuses can be found at different crafting stations.

Mundus Stones - Every Mundus Stone will give you special endless bonus of some kind. You can get only one bonus at same time.

Glenumbra is the first main location assigned to Daggerfall Covenant. The province of High Rock, which is there, is surrounded by rocky areas, as well as by marshes and forests. Glenumbra is the Eastern part of the High Rock province., where there are such populous cities as Daggerfall or Camlorn. Also, you can find wilderness here, such as Hag Fen, Glenumbra Moors and the Forest of Daenia. Glenumbra, along with is capital city is being reigned by King Casimir, who is in grave danger now, due to the Bloodthorns cultists, who inhabit the Breton crypt. Apart from the major cities, you can also find minor ones here, such as Aldcroft and Crosswych. Glenumbra is assigned to players between levels 5 and 15.


The list of locations in Glenumbra.

  • Dourstone Isle
  • Gaudet Farm
  • Merovec's Folly
  • Miltrin's Fishing Cabin
  • Mire Falls
  • Tangle Rock
  • Valewatch Tower


The list of Skyshards, which you can find in this location.

  • A climb above Crosswych.
  • A tower explored is Ilessen learned.
  • Before Dresan's headless sentinel.
  • Behind a wall to Enduum all.
  • Beneath a Hag's footbridge.
  • Close to finding the kings.
  • Far behind the Elf-haters' lines.
  • Guarding Daggerfall's eastern gates.
  • In the bowels of Cryptwatch.
  • In the roots of the Hallows.
  • Near Silumm's well on Daggerfall shores.
  • Search amongst the shrieks.
  • Westtry's dead slept underneath.
  • Where Ebon Crypts become Ebon Caves.
  • Where vines strangle the sleeping dead.
  • Within a mine of blood and thorns.

Fish species

Rare fish species, which you can find in Glenumbra.

  • Aziraom Flounder
  • Brook Trout
  • Cambray Perch
  • Catfish
  • Dragonfish
  • Finless Sole
  • Hag Fen Hagfish
  • Lamprey
  • Powen
  • Rock Bass
  • Tuna
  • Warmouth

Quest Markers

The list of quest locations in Glenumbra,

  • Aldcroft
  • Bad Man's Hallows
  • Baelborne Rock
  • Beldama Wyrd Tree
  • Burial Mounds
  • Camlorn
  • Cambray Pass
  • Cath Bedraud
  • Crosswych
  • Daggerfall
  • Deleyn's Mill
  • Dresan Keep
  • Dwynnarth Ruins
  • Eagle's Brook
  • Glenumbra Moors
  • Hag Fen
  • Lion Guard Redoubt
  • Red Rook Camp
  • Shrieking Scar
  • Tomb of Lost Kings
  • Vale of the Guardians
  • Westtry


The list of caves in Glenumbra.

  • Cryptwatch Fort
  • Ebon Crypt
  • Enduum
  • Illessan Tower
  • Mines of Khuras
  • Silumm


The list of boss locations in Glenumbra.

  • Balefire Island
  • North Shore Point
  • Seaview Point
  • The Wolf's Camp
  • Trapjaw's Cove
  • Western Overlook
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