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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide by

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Table of Contents

ESO: Player vs. Player ESO guide, tips

Player vs. Player: The Cyrodiil province, Campaigns, The Empire

An inseparable element of The Elder Scrolls Online is the PvP (Player vs. Player) system. The intention of the developers was to create three factions, which would compete with each other for the greatest glory on the continent of Tamriel, i.e. for the throne of the Emperor of Cyrodiil. In this chapter of the guide, you will find information on PvP matches, campaigns and how to become the Emperor.

The Cyrodiil province

Alliance Points - the currency in Cyrodiil - ESO: Player vs. Player - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide
Alliance Points - the currency in Cyrodiil

To gain access to the PvP- Cyrodiil zone, your character needs to achieve at least, level 10. After you meet this requirement, you can select, from the menu, the campaign that you want to take part in. After you accept your choice, you will be transferred to the warzone, to the starting point of your faction. In Cyrodiil, there are many tasks that are connected with PvP and PvE. For completing those tasks, you are rewarded with experience, gold and a new currency accepted in Cyrodiil - Alliance Points. The Alliance Points can be exchanged for equipment, or used to support your campaign and buy catapults, or battering rams. You also obtain Alliance Points for completing a group task, like seizing of a fortress or an Elder Scroll, as well as killing a player of an enemy alliance.

Death in Cyrodiil is also different from that on the faction grounds. The player that is killed in the battlefield can be revived with the Soul Gem. If he is not revived, he can resurrect in the nearest camp. Your equipment will then not be damaged and you can return to the battlefield.

Cyrodiil - ESO: Player vs. Player - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Transportation in Cyrodiil is also different from what you saw in the faction grounds. You can walk, ride on the horse or teleport, thanks to the special Transitus Shrines. To be allowed to use the shrines, you need to meet a certain requirement. Each faction, which seized a tower, can activate a safe passage between them. If this requirement has been met, there will appear a line, in your faction's color, across the map. If not, a transparent line, with a padlock in the middle, will be displayed.


The campaign window in the menu - ESO: Player vs. Player - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide
The campaign window in the menu

After reaching level 10, each player can select the campaign that he wants to join. Campaigns are dynamic quests so, you can participate them whenever you want to. After you have selected the campaign, you will be teleported to the PvP (Cyrodiil) zone, right into the middle among the three factions. Due to the differences in experience levels, all players are similar, in terms of attack and defense statistics.

The objectives during the campaigns can be divided into two types:

  1. Seizing of towers - the easiest way to create faction routes. Seizing of towers is dynamic and, at any moment, the opposing faction can recapture the tower that they earlier lost. If the battle for the tower is under way, it is marked with two crossed swords, on the map. Numbers and the harmonization of the players play the vital role here. In every tower, there are two flags, whose seizing means seizing the tower. The tower that has been captured by a faction, remains in the same condition as during the capturing process. To fix the walls, and the gates of the towers, the participants of the battle need to use repair kits, which can be bought around Cyrodiil for Alliance Points.
  2. Seizing of the Elder Scrolls - seizing of an Elder Scroll comes with considerable bonuses for the entire faction. By default, each faction has two such scrolls and receives bonuses from them, as long as they are kept in special fortresses. The opposing faction can capture the scroll at any point and take it to their fortress, to receive the bonus. During this event, on the map, there will appear a scroll icon and the direction in which it is moving.

The Empire

The Emperor is a status in Elder Scrolls Online, which every player that takes part in the PvP games, in Cyrodiil, dreams of. The abilities that the player receives are unique. You cannot obtain them in any other way and they provide great advantage during PvP. For obtaining the status of the Emperor, the player receives three main rewards:

  1. Faction abilities - For capturing the Emperor's throne, the player gains access to a set of abilities, whose purpose is to make the faction more effective. He can improve on the battlements and gates, or repair the destroyed siege engines, which provides a great advantage in the battlefield. During a siege of fortresses, the faction that controls the throne of Cyrodiil, receives two bonuses, which makes it more difficult to seize them. The players remaining within the Emperor's activity, also receive bonuses to fight and defense.
  2. Combat abilities (for the Emperor) - all of the abilities of the Emperor are buffed. A regular player will be incapable of defeating the Emperor in one-on-one duel.
  3. Unique items - the Emperor gains access to an unique set of armor, which cannot be obtained in any other way. It is the best set that can be obtained in the game.
  4. To become the Emperor, the player needs to meet two requirements:
  5. Capturing of the fortress- Capturing of fortresses is very difficult, and this is the success that the entire faction needs to work towards. To gain access to the Emperor's throne, all six fortresses around it need to belong to one faction
  6. The highest score The player, whose faction seized all six fortresses around the throne, and scored the most Alliance Points, becomes the emperor
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