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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Table of Contents

ESO: Crafting ESO guide, tips

Crafting: Alchemy, Provisioning, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Woodworking, Clothing

Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online is an inseparable element of the game. Thanks to this activity, the player is capable of creating equipment of any kind, as well as completely new items . From this chapter of the guide, you will learn how crafting works and how you can profit from it.

The descriptions of all types of crafting available in ESO can be found in the Crafting chapter.


Potions can be crafted with alchemy - ESO: Crafting - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide
Potions can be crafted with alchemy

Alchemy in Elder Scrolls Online is an optional element of the game. Using alchemy, you can brew various potions, which you can also buy for gold. If you find (or buy) the ingredients, you can go to the city and use the Alchemy Table. Toy find out which ingredients you need to combine, to brew a specific potion, you need to find the recipe, or find out what properties a given ingredient has. You can do that by reading books that are spread all around the world, or play the guinea pig and test the ingredient on yourself. Regardless of which path you take, with each tested ingredient and brewed potion, you increase your alchemy level. Thanks to the appropriate alchemy level, you will be able to brew better and more advanced potions. With this skill, you are able to brew either healing potions or lethal poisons. The key ingredient is, of course, water, which you can buy or find during your journeys.


Provisioning - ESO: Crafting - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Thanks to Provisioning, you can craft food, which you then will be able to use, to your aid, in your journeys. To use this skill, you need several key elements. The most important one is finding the recipe and the ingredients for that meal. You can create food by a Provisioning Station. Food and beverages are useful, not only during the journeys, but also in wartime in Cyrodiil. Thanks to provisions, you can raise your health mana or endurance, whereas thanks to beverages, you can regenerate those attributes. Each recipe that you find can be entered into the book of recipes, by bringing up the inventory window and using the item. The better recipes require better ingredients, but they offer better buffs.


Blacksmithing - ESO: Crafting - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Blacksmithing offers you the opportunity to craft metal armors. To craft an armor, you first need to go to a city, where there is a blacksmithing battle and an anvil. The exception here are the tables that give you the opportunity to craft an armor that belongs to a magical set, of which there is a huge number. You find such tables by reading books or through exploration. As a rule, such tales can be found in dungeons and on the map, they are marked with the icon of fire and hammer. There are three blacksmithing options:

Creation- thanks to this option you will be able to create a weapon and an armor from the necessary ingredients. Depending on what level of item you want to create, such needs to be the level and the amount of the ingredients. To create a primitive item, you only are going to need iron. Iron ingots can be forged out of iron ores, which you can find all over the world. If you do not want to go looking for ores, you can buy ingots from the nearest blacksmith. To create an item, you need to select the material that you want to create it out of, the style that you want and the property that the item should have. For each one of the options, you need certain items, which you can buy or find on your travels. Thanks to books, which you find, you can learn completely new and more and more advanced blacksmithing techniques, thanks to which you can create better items with higher statistics.

Improvement- each item that you craft, can be improved, if only you have the special magical stone (hardener). Depending on the level of the item that you want to improve, the stone that you require will be rarer and rarer. There are several levels of improvement: Normal - white), Fine - green, Superior - blue, Epic - violet and Legendary - golden. While improving, you will get the chance of improving the item. The chance depends on how many stones, for that purpose, you have. If you are not interested in taking the risk, you can spend as many stones, so as to reach the chance of 100%. If you decide to improve an item, with a chance lower than 100%, then your item may be destroyed in the process and you will lose it irreversibly. The improved armors provide a better defense factor, where the weapon grant a higher offense factor. In both cases, improvement raises the value and the price for repairs.

Extraction - thanks to this option, you can acquire ingredients from the equipment that you have already obtained. Thanks to this, you can use the ingredients to create a new armor, or weapon, in the future. The materials that you obtain this way depend on the material that the item was crafted out of (from an iron armor, you receive the same class of ingredients). After the process, such items are destroyed and you receive the materials, and additional points to blacksmithing.


Enchanting can be performed, thanks to the Enchanting Station, which can be found in each bigger city. There are various attributes of enchanting and they range from adding fire damage, to receiving more experience. To enchant an item, you need two items: the item that you enchant and a Glyph. You can obtain glyphs by completing quest, opening chests, buying at stores and collecting runes to turn into glyphs. There are three main types of runes and, to create a glyph, you need one of each type: Essence Rune (yellow), Aspect Rune (red) and Potency Rune (blue). After you obtain such runes, you can create the magical word, from which you also learn the properties of the runes that you used, and also gain a higher enchanting level. To enchant a weapon, you need to open the inventory, select the weapon and the glyph whet you want to use. Depending on your enchantment level, you will be using more and more advanced magical words, which vest higher magical statistics in your weapon. You can also extract the runes from glyphs that you have found and learn, by this, the affixes of the words that were used to create them. You do that by selecting the Extraction option, at the Enchanting station.


Woodworking is a skill that allows you to craft bows and magical staves. To create a weapon, you need wood. You can obtain it by exploring the world and finding it, buying and by extracting it from the other weapons. Woodworking is subject to the same rules as blacksmithing. For each item that you create, you receive experience in woodworking. Just like blacksmithing, woodworking is divided into three branches:

Creation- thanks to this action, you can create a bow or a staff. Depending on which class of item you want to acquire, such level of proficiency, and as much of the material, you need. While performing this action, you can select the property (the bonus for the weapon) and style (what it is going to look like).

Improvement- This type of woodworking offers you the opportunity to improve the staves and bows that you have obtained (or crafted). To improve the items, you need special items and, depending on the level of improvement, such is the type of item that you are going to need. To obtain the highest class (Legendary) you are going to need the most expensive and the rarest, unique improvement items.

Extraction- This skill allows you to acquire materials for creating bows and staves. In exchange for destroying the weapon. The materials that you receive are determined by the class of the item that you destroyed. By extracting materials from high-end items, you obtain high-quality wood and styles.


Clothing in ESO - ESO: Crafting - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide
Clothing in ESO

Clothing is creating armors for mages and rogues (light and medium armors). It is subject to the same rules as blacksmithing. Clothing stations can be found in each major city, and the special ones in certain locations that you need to discover. For each armor that you create, you can choose a property and style. Just like in the case of blacksmithing and woodworking, there are three types of clothing:

Creation - Thanks to this action, you will be able to create your robes (light armor) and medium armor. In both of these cases, you are going to need materials. The quality and amount of these materials depends on what class of item you want to create (a better armor requires materials of high quality).

Improvement- Just like in the case of blacksmithing and crafting of heavy armors, you can improve your newly-made robe. To improve an item, you are going to need special, unique materials, and the chance of success is directly proportional to the amount of these materials.

Extraction- This option allows you to obtain materials from the equipment that you have already obtained, which can be later used to create the armor that suits your liking. The item that you extract the materials from is destroyed in the process. The amount of material that you obtain, depends on the level and quality of the item that you extract it from.

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