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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide by

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Table of Contents

ESO: Combat ESO guide, tips

The "Combat" chapter has been devoted to combat system, available in Elder Scrolls Online. You will find here the description of its properties and a detailed description of the system of your hero's abilities. In this chapter, you will find out which abilities are the most useful, and which ones it is worthwhile to use most frequently to develop your hero as fast as possible.

Combat system

Combat in ESO - ESO: Combat - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide
Combat in ESO

Combat w Elder Scrolls Online is dynamic and requires agility of the player. The combat system has several main properties:

  • Attack - This is the basic combat property. There is cooldown time for the character's main abilities The only exception here are the Ultimate Abilities. What stops you from casting spells and using physical abilities are mana endurance (the blue and the green bar, respectively). The player can mark the target and does not need to worry about the accuracy in battle (TAB, by default).
  • Defense - in the battle, everyone needs to defend against the opponent attacks. Elder Scrolls Online provides the system of blocking attacks (RMB, by default). If the opponent is performing a strong attack you can knock him off balance, by pressing the keys that appear on the screen (LMB+RMB, by default). After being knocked off balance, the opponent is exposed to attacks.
  • Dodges - In Elder Scrolls Online you can also find a system of dodges. If you notice that the opponent is performing a strong attack, and a special marking appears on the ground (red area which symbolizes the range of the attack) you can perform a dodge and counter that attack (by default, by pressing a directional key).

Types of abilities

The ultimate ability - ESO: Combat - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide
The ultimate ability

The abilities of your character are an inseparable element of the combat system. There are several classes of abilities:

  • Passive abilities- The abilities of this type have a constant effect and they support your playing style in a way. The only exception here is using the weapons and armors assigned to them. If you wear a robe and use staves, only passive abilities, connected with this type of equipment, are in effect.
  • Active abilities - an ability that needs to be used to take its effect. These are all of the abilities, whose using provides an instantaneous effect (healing, magical attack, curse, physical assault). These abilities use up mana (magical abilities) and endurance physical abilities).
  • Toggle abilities - The abilities, whose effect can be felt after the ability is activated or deactivated. Such abilities are in effect until your supplies (of mana, endurance) deplete, or until you die.
  • Ultimate Abilities - These are the abilities that need power to load. The loading of the ability's power is performed by attacking opponents. These abilities can be permanent (until power depletes) or cause an instantaneous outburst of energy and the effect. In both cases, such abilities require regeneration, each time they are used. Each one of the classes has several such abilities and only depends on the ability tree, which one they are using. At any moment, you can use only one such ability, which you drag to the quick bar.
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