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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide by

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Table of Contents

ESO in 10 Easy Steps - Introduction ESO guide, tips

In the ESO in 10 easy steps guide, you can find the descriptions of all the activities available in the game - this is ESO knowledge in a nutshel - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - Introduction - ESO in 10 Easy Steps - The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

In the ESO in 10 easy steps guide, you can find the descriptions of all the activities available in the game - this is ESO knowledge in a nutshel.

Each fan of the Elder Scrolls series, as well as of MMO games, can find here information that will help him, and his faction, seize the Emperor's Throne and receive the highest glory as a warrior in Tamriel. The matters discussed here are, such as, crafting, thanks to which you will be able to forge your own equipment, and dungeons, where you will be gladly going. This guide also describes the differences between the individual races and their abilities. Thanks to the chapter devoted to the hero, you will learn how gaining experience works and which of the paths is the most effective. Also proponents of MMOs will find here something for themselves, i.e. the matter of the maximum experience level and activity connected with the experience.

The Elder Scrolls Online has been developed by Zenimax company, in collaboration with Bethesda. Again, you enter the world ravaged by war, i.e. Tamriel. After the division into three main factions, a dispute over the Emperor's throne of Cyrodiil started. The game abounds in references to the previous games of the genre. The quintessence of the game is to discover the world with your friends and also fighting in Player vs. Player. The game offers a lot of activities, both for players who prefer to play solo, and the ones the prefer being a part of a group.

The Elder Scrolls Online in 10 easy steps guide includes:

  1. Description of matters connected with your character
  2. Description of the friend and guild systems in the game
  3. Description of the combat and abilities systems
  4. A list of factions and races available in the game
  5. Means of Transportation and the ways to obtain them
  6. Description of the world exploration and the profits drawn from this
  7. A detailed discussion of crafting and the ways to create your equipment
  8. Description of the Player vs. Player system
  9. Descriptions of character classes and their unique abilities
  10. The maximum experience level and the activities that help obtain it

Learn more about the guide:

Step 1: The hero

A chapter devoted to everything that is connected with the player character. Its creation, development and death.

Step 2: The group and guilds

A comprehensible explanation of the upsides of playing in a team and a collection of information on guilds.

Step 3: Combat

In this chapter, you will find all of the information on fighting and types of abilities that you use during fights.

Step 4: Factions and Races

This chapter has been devoted to the available factions and the races allotted to these factions. You will also learn the differences in race abilities, which will help you select your race.

Step 5: Transportation

Each player needs some means of transportation, which help you explore the world. From this chapter, you will learn about the matters of transportation in Elder Scrolls Online and whet are the profits, and consequences of using it.

Step 6: World Exploration

The world in Elder Scrolls Online is huge. This chapter has been devoted to the exploration of that world. You will learn how you can profit from that.

Step 7: Crafting

Crafting is one of the basic concepts in Elder Scrolls Online. From this chapter, you will learn how crafting works and how to obtain the best equipment in the game.

Step 8: Player vs. Player

This chapter has been devoted to the Player vs. Player mode. In here, you will find the basics, as well as the more advanced aspects of PvP.

Step 9: Classes and Abilities

In this chapter, you will find the description of all the classes available in the game. The differences between classes and discussing them.

Step 10: Level 50

A chapter devoted to the activities after you reach the maximum experience level. What you may expect after you reach this level and what the differences are, in comparison with the previous levels.

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