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Elden Ring Guide

Table of Contents
Elden Ring - Mountaintops of the Giants - Ashes
Elden Ring - Mountaintops of the Giants - Ashes
Troll's Roar
Prelate's Charge
Fire Monk Ashes
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Elden Ring: Ashes of War and Spirit Ashes (Mountaintops of the Giants) - list of all Elden Ring guide, walkthrough

This page of the Elden Ring guide lists all the ashes of war and spirit ashes in the Mountaintops of the Giants, which you can access via the Grand Lift of Rold.

Last update: Friday, May 20, 2022

Key points of Elden Ring - Mountaintops of the Giants - Ashes

Ashes of War

Spirit Ashes

On this page of our Elden Ring guide, you can find locations of Ashes of War and Spirit Ashes encountered in Mountaintops of the Giants. The Mountaintops of the Giants can be accessed once you have at least two Haligtree Medallions and use Grand Lift of Rold.

Ashes of War are special items that allow you to change the active skill of your weapon. Thanks to them, you can exchange your weapon skill for a completely new one. You activate them by pressing the button responsible for using skills. Spirit Ashes, on the other hand, are items that, when activated, summon spirit companions that will help you in combat.

In Mountaintops of the Giants, there are 3 Ashes of War and 1 Spirit Ash to be found and collected.

Ashes of War - Troll's Roar [1]

Travel to the area marked on your map. The ash is found on the top of a large stone.

Ashes of War - Prelate's Charge [2]

Travel to the marked area of your map to reach a fire monk camp. The scarab you need is in the center of this camp, not far from the tree. Kill him to receive the ash.

Ashes of War - Seppuku [3]

This ash is found in the northern part of Freezing Lake - Elden Ring: Ashes of War and Spirit Ashes (Mountaintops of the Giants) - list of all - Mountaintops of the Giants region - Elden Ring Guide

This ash is found in the northern part of Freezing Lake. The scarab you need is invisible, but it leaves tracks on the snow. Block its path and launch an attack to receive the ash.

Spirit Ashes - Fire Monk Ashes [1]

To get this ash, travel to Giant's Mountaintops Catacombs . Once you're there, find the first platform that will take you downstairs. Instead of leaving the platform, get down from it and return back so that the lift activates and starts to ascend.

After the platform reaches its top location, a second platform will appear that will lead you to the very bottom of the catacombs. Continue along the path but watch out for frost traps. There is a chest behind the second frost trap that contains the ash.

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