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Elden Ring Guide

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Elden Ring: Tips for begginers Elden Ring guide, walkthrough

This Elden Ring guide page contains tips to help you get started on your adventure in the soulsborne genre.

Last update: 04 March 2022

On this page of the Elden Ring guide, you will learn many tips that will introduce you to the soulsborne genre. Thanks to these tips, you will understand some of the mechanics that appear in most titles in this genre much faster and easier.

  1. You can parry opponents' attacks. If you manage to parry the enemy's attack at the right moment, you will be able to deal a critical hit that deals massive damage. However, this is a high risk - high reward move.
  2. If you have enough souls to spend them on something useful or to increase your level, do so immediately. Each such "investment" increases your combat potential, and you will not risk losing your collected souls.
  3. Having two of the same weapons in each hand unlocks unique attacks. This technique is called Dual Wielding.
  4. In soulsborne games, you don't have to equip only one weapon per hand. You can have two to three weapons for each hand, so you can quickly switch them during combat. However, be careful, as equipping a weapon affects the load capacity and your movements.
  5. Don't keep the shield up all the time. If you don't see any threat, stop blocking - your stamina regeneration is much slower when blocking.
  6. If you have a lot of reusable items equipped and you want to quickly switch to the item from the first slot, hold down the button responsible for switching those items.
  7. Sometimes running away is the best solution. You don't have to fight every opponent on your way. Moreover, if you see that you are losing to a group of opponents, retreat to a safe place. After a while, the enemies will lose aggro.
  8. Get all dialog lines from the NPCs. Not only can they give you instructions and advice on how to defeat some enemies or where to go, but they can also give you a special item.
  9. Don't do what is written in every message. Many of them are very useful, but not all. There will also be ones that will troll other players, e.g. suggesting them to jump into the abyss.
  10. Games of this type have illusory walls - they are difficult to distinguish from the normal ones, but players' messages can help you here. All you have to do is roll into such a wall or hit it - that wall will disappear, unlocking a new path for you.
  11. Develop not only your character, but also your equipment. Many players forget about it, and unfortunately, in order to deal damage, you also need to focus on constantly improving your weapons.
  12. If you have trouble getting souls, help other players! Firstly, after dying in another player's world, you will not lose your souls. secondly, you will gain knowledge about the terrain and some passages.
  13. Defeating bosses in other players' worlds will reward you with items that will allow you to use the help of other players in your world! In addition, you will receive some souls/runes/blood echoes for helping to defeat the boss.
  14. Even if you don't like ranged combat, it's worth having at least one ranged spell or bow/crossbow in your inventory.
  15. Leaving useful messages for other players has its pros. If a player marks that your message was useful to them, you will restore a significant portion of your health. This can turn out to be very useful, especially if the player upvotes this message in critical situations for you.
  16. Sometimes sprinting is a better solution to avoid a hit than dodge. Dodge should be used for boss's quick attacks, while the linear, or longer attacks should be avoided by sprinting, preferably to get behind the enemy's back.
  17. If you aren't doing great in a given location, and you don't deal enough damage to opponents, then your character is probably not leveled up enough for this place. It is worth farming the game currency to spend it on character or weapon upgrades.
  18. Gestures matter. Not only in non-verbal communication during online games, but also in some particular situations. For example, performing a specific gesture in a given situation will give you access to a new region.
  19. Carrying capacity above 70% will make your character dodge slowly, so if you focus more on dodging than defending with shield and heavy armor, try not to exceed this limit.
  20. However, if you have reached 100% load capacity, your character will be unable to dodge, and your stamina will deplete very quickly.
  21. Build your character the way you want! Most builds, if made properly, can be very powerful. If you prefer ranged combat, buy new spells or bows and improve your character in this direction. If you prefer heavier armor and blocking, upgrade your shields, strength and endurance.

More tips for players new to the soulsborne genre can be found on separate pages of the guide: Parrying strikes, Combat basics, How to die less?, The order in which to play the games, Players' messages, Load capacity and Dual wielding.

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