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Elden Ring: Flying Dragon Agheel - boss, how to beat? Elden Ring guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Elden Ring guide, you will learn how to defeat the optional boss in Limgrave, which is called Flying Dragon Agheel.

Last update: Tuesday, April 26, 2022

This page of the Elden Ring game guide contains tips on fighting the optional boss in Limgrave, the Flying Dragon Agheel. You will learn how to fight the boss and which attacks you need to watch out for.

The Flying Dragon Agheel is located in the northeast of Limgrave, in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. This is an optional boss that isn't required to beat the game. At first, it won't appear the indicated location, but after a brief moment, it will swoop in and kill a large group of basic enemies.

General tips

  1. Hitting the dragon's head deals the most damage, but it proves to be the exceedingly difficult, as the boss is constantly on the move.
  2. It's easier by far to attack the dragon's legs. You will be dealing less damage, but it's a much safer way to fight. Additionally, by landing a few strong hits, you can stagger the boss, giving you access to its head and the opportunity to strike a critical hit.
  3. Don't stand behind the boss's tail. This is because the boss is able to turn around very quickly and perform a spinning attack, which is difficult to avoid.
  4. It's best to initiate this battle while mounted. Fighting while riding on Torrent is much easier and more dynamic. This will allow you to easily dodge the boss's attacks.
  5. Summoning spirits or companions will make the fight against the dragon much easier. The dragon will focus its attention on them instead of you.

How to fight the boss?

The boss fight is one of the toughest fights in the early game. It's a good idea to wait before challenging the boss until you gain access to your mount, Torrent.

It's advisable to start the fight already riding your steed. You should rather focus on attacking its legs as opposed to its head, unless you have a long-range weapon such as a spear or a halberd.

The boss is keen on taking to the air. Keep this in mind, as the dragon has two different attacks initiated by soaring into the skies. The first type of attack is its fire-breath that covers a large part of the location. This is why it's crucial to be on horseback the moment you notice that the boss is in the air and is about to breathe fire. This is the boss's most dangerous attack, as it can bring your health from 100 to 0.

The second attack is initiated in the same way. The difference is that the dragon pauses in the air for a second, then dives to the ground, attacking with its talons. This attack is much easier to dodge, especially when mounted.

In turn, standing right in front of the boss will provoke the boss to attack you twice with its maw. The best solution is to ride on your mount towards the dragon's hind legs.

Once you've attacked its legs enough times, the dragon will fall over, allowing you to run up to its head. When close to its left eye, you can perform a critical hit that deals a lot of damage.

Another option is to equip a bow or sorcery while on horseback, which lets you attack the boss from a safe distance and with high mobility.

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