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Elden Ring Guide

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Elden Ring: How to die less? Elden Ring guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Elden Ring guide, you will read tips for players new to the Soulsborne genre on which to follow to reduce deaths.

Last update: Wednesday, February 23, 2022

On this page of the Elden Ring guide, you can read some tips for players who want to start their adventure with the Soulsborne genre. They are about reducing the number of deaths in this type of games. By following these tips, you will die less frequently and get more satisfaction from the gameplay.

The death of the main character in Soulsborne games is a very common occurrence, mainly due to the high difficulty level of these types of games. It's true that even the smallest mistake can kill your character. However, there are some methods and tips that can help you die less often.

Listen to what the NPCs have to say

Keep in mind, however, that this doesn't mean that all advice from NPCs should be taken for granted. Some NPCs may lie (for example, Patches is quite infamous for doing so), but regardless whether the character is telling the truth or not, you should keep in mind what they said. Whether it turns out to be true or false depends on the given situation or area. Most importantly, it will make you much more careful when you reach the mentioned stage, which will help you in avoiding death.

Separate enemies from each other

If you are forced to fight a large group of enemies, it might be worth luring away a few enemies, be it with ranged attacks or baits. This will allow you to avoid many dangers, making the game easier and your deaths less frequent.

Keep your shield drawn in unfamiliar locations

This tip is very common, especially when it comes to the Dark Souls series. By drawing your shield and constantly blocking, you are able to block and negate the damage of unexpected attacks. This advice is especially useful in stages with unfamiliar locations, such as tight rooms. There may be an enemy behind the corridor, and by walking forward with your shield raised, you can block an attack without even expecting it.

Improve your character and equipment often

Both your character and the weapons should be upgraded enough for the next stages of the game. If you ignore upgrading your character or equipment, you may encounter more and more difficulties when facing stronger enemies. For this reason, don't forget to upgrade your character and weapons frequently, especially if you already decided on a build.


Some Soulsborne games, such as Sekiro and even Elden Ring, give you the option to use stealth. This is the perfect way to silently infiltrate a given place and kill enemies slowly, but very effectively. The stealthy approach is especially recommended in locations where your main character might end up surrounded by hordes of enemy units.

Getting help

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Other players, through certain items, can offer you help in defeating a given location or in fighting a boss. This also applies to certain NPCs and summoned spirits. Even if they don't do all the work for you, they will distract dangerous enemies from you, making them much easier to kill. Thanks to this method, you'll be able to avoid death.

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