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Dyson Sphere Program Guide by

Dyson Sphere Program Guide

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Dyson Sphere Program: Buildings - which to build first? Dyson Sphere guide, tips

On this page of the Dyson Sphere Program tutorial you will learn which buildings to put up first.

All production relies heavily on the 4 buildings that produce the most parts. They are kind of the backbone of your plant and are the ones you will need the most. These are:

  1. matrix lab - this building is used to produce the so-called "matrix". That is, the parts needed to develop subsequent studies. They are also used to develop new technologies. It is a modular facility and you can increase its capacity by expanding the original structure;
The other types of buildings you don't have to put up quickly and in large numbers - Dyson Sphere Program: Buildings - which to put first? - FAQ - Dyson Sphere Program Guide
  1. mining machine - the most basic building in the game. It allows you to extract basic resources from deposits located on the planet. Without them, you would not be able to produce any more complex parts;
  2. smelter - used to turn raw materials into parts. It has wide applications and allows you to create many parts from raw materials mined by the mining machine.
  3. assembling machine - allows the production of more advanced parts from objects created by the smelter fed with basic raw materials. Allows you to create most of the parts available in the game.

The other types of buildings you don't have to put up quickly and in large numbers. Instead, choose to put them up only when there is actual demand.

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