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Dyson Sphere Program Guide by

Dyson Sphere Program Guide

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Dyson Sphere Program: Generating a universe - how to start? Tips Dyson Sphere guide, tips

On this page of the Dyson Sphere Program guide, you will learn what the beginning of a new game is like. Here, you will find information on how the universe is generated.

Before you get to your first planet and start building your entire production network, you need to learn the star system you are headed towards. When you select "New Game", you will be presented a new space map. Above it, you will see three pieces of info.

The first specifies the number of the given system - Dyson Sphere Program: Starting a new game - generating a universe, and how to get started? - Basics - Dyson Sphere Program Guide

The first specifies the number of the given system. You can modify this parameter by entering up to 8 digits. Each reflects a different distribution of stars. In addition, a list of all celestial bodies located in this system appears on the side.

The next box indicates the number of stars in the system. It lets you determine the size of the whole system. The third and final slider determines the density of raw materials on each celestial body.

While you can adjust each of the indicators manually, you can also take a risk and select the "random" option at the bottom of the screen. This way the game will draw the gameplay parameters itself.

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