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Dune Spice Wars Guide

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Dune Spice Wars: Landsraad Politics Dune Spice Wars guide, tips

On this page of the Dune Spice Wars tutorial you will learn how politics works in the game. You will learn the use of Votes and Influence, what Resolutions are and how to vote on them in the Landsraad. You will also learn about the uses and benefits of Charters.

Last update: Thursday, June 9, 2022

In this section you can find out how the voting and politics system works in Dune Spice Wars. We explain what is the Landsraad, what are the Charters, how to pass Resolutions and use Votes and Influence.

What is Landsraad?

None of the Arrakis factions is independent: they are all under the reach and rule of the Empire. Hence the political gathering - Landsraad, which gathers monthly to vote on bills. All factions take part in these votings, but also the inhabitants of the planet, who have the overwhelming majority of votes (400). Each faction may or may not vote for one or more resolutions, which are announced before the vote. The Landsraad window gets unlocked after the first month of the game.

What are the Resolutions and how to vote?

Resolutions have two forms: they can be positive (e - Dune Spice Wars: Landsraad Politics - Basics - Dune Spice Wars Guide

Resolutions have two forms: they can be positive (e.g. cost reduction) or negative (such as reduced production efficiency), but can also affect one faction (choose which one) or all (choose or vote for or against). Each adopted resolution is irrevocable and lasts a certain period of time - until the next vote. You will be informed by a message about the topics of the meeting before they start (gray icon). As soon as it is possible to vote, the information icon will turn green. The voting takes place as follows:

  1. You choose the resolutions you are interested in (there are always 3 to choose from) to cast your vote. Use the buttons at the bottom of the window to choose whether to vote for or against (laws aimed at all factions), or on whom the law should affect (you can also choose yourself). Then you select from the lower button the number of votes you wish to cast.
  2. On the right side of the screen you can see the number of votes each faction has. The inhabitants of the planet have the highest number of votes, so it will be difficult for you to win the vote on your own. However, if you care a lot, you can also use Influence as additional voting power. When you use Influence, the color of the vote count turns blue.
  3. The number of Votes is influenced by the Landsraad Standing. Regardless of it, each faction can vote using Influence.
  4. On the right side there is also the window: Active Resolutions, which informs about the current bills and acts pending until the next meeting.

Influence also serves as a trading currency. However, don't be surprised when someone uses the votes you have bought against you.

It's good to know that three factions - apart from the Atreides - can also influence voting in other ways. However, you have to do it before voting (after the announcement of bills - gray icon in the notifications window). Faction Skills which have an impact on Voting:

  1. The Harkonnen - by choosing Councilor Feyd-Rauth Harkonnen, they are able to lower the Landsraad Position by 30 points for the faction that will be the "target" of the passed bill. This activity costs Intel.
  2. Fremen - Commander: Chani Kynes. They may elect a bill before voting. The faction or factions affected by this resolution will have to face a rebellion in a random village. This action costs Power points.
  3. Smugglers - they can bribe other factions with gold, paying 5 Solari for each vote in the way they declare.


What are the Charters - Dune Spice Wars: Landsraad Politics - Basics - Dune Spice Wars Guide

What are the Charters:

  1. Charters bring certain bonuses to the faction that is chosen to hold the position.
  2. Only one faction may hold a position, but may hold several Charters at the same time.
  3. In order to be able to take one of the positions, two series of requirements must be met - visible after hovering the cursor over the name of the Charter.
  4. The Charters is being assigned by voting - one of the voting options for a particular Charter will appear when at least one of the factions meets the minimum requirements.
  5. Occasionally, a vote may occur that causes the holder of the Charters to be replaced.
  6. The Dune Governor's Charters allows you to win the game if you hold it for 60 days.
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