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Dune Spice Wars Guide

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Dune Spice Wars: Hegemony Dune Spice Wars guide, tips

On this page of the Dune Spice Wars tutorial you will learn what Hegemony is and how it affects the victory options in the game. You will learn what Hegemony points are and how to earn/generate them.

Last update: Thursday, June 9, 2022

This part of our guide explains what are the Hegemony points and what they do in Dune Spice Wars. You will learn how to earn points, what they are being awarded for and what sort of influence they have. You will learn the differences of obtaining them for individual factions and how you can win the game through Domination by using Hegemony points.

How to get Hegemony points?

Hegemony - defines faction strength in form of points - Dune Spice Wars: Hegemony - Resources and raw materials - Dune Spice Wars Guide

Hegemony - defines faction strength in form of points. The maximum value is 25,000 and can be a condition for winning the game . Hegemony points are influenced by:

  1. Number of occupied areas - that is, the number of owned regions (150 points per region),
  2. Number of occupied special areas - regions marked with an asterisk as Special Regions grant points after they are conquered, as long as they are under your control - 500 points for Region, with the central one (ice) providing 1000 points.
  3. Taxes Paid in Spice - the basis for earning Hegemony points. The tax / bribe charge increases every time. Also, it is a determinant of Landsraad Standing, so it counts as double to Hegemony.
  4. Charters in Landsraad - 600 (each),
  5. Landsraad Standing - 1: 1 points - the higher the Standing the more points you get. You can increase your rank through the Political Audit operation.
  6. Allied Sietches - 400 points for each
  7. Number of defeated enemy units - the fight also rewards you if you intend to conduct an armed offensive (25 pts. for a defeated enemy unit).
  8. Buildings Crafts Workshop - increases power points over time (one building increases 2 points per day / 4 points for 1 min), you can build them in any city.
  9. CHOAM Shares - 500 each. You buy the shares through the agent Operation of the same name and it costs 10 000 Solari.
  10. Base Buildings: to unlock them, conduct certain research beforehand. The key buildings here are: Extractors (50 Hegemony for each village that produces water) and the Administration Office (10% of the total Hegemony growth)
In addition, each faction receives additional points for its typical behavior, this is the first item on the list of points - Dune Spice Wars: Hegemony - Resources and raw materials - Dune Spice Wars Guide
  1. You will also gain Hegemony Points by sending units to the Ruins. You will get about 200-300 pts this way. Ruins are Points of Interest in regions that must be explored by military units. They can often be found in desert regions.

In addition, each faction receives additional points for its typical behavior, this is the first item on the list of points:

  1. Atreides: Council Voting Results - slightly random factor; if you have supported the relevant law or bill (which has been approved as active), you will receive points. This encourages the use of political advantage. Each pushed bill grants Hegemony points, not just political benefits. +8 Hegemony for the adopted resolution in which you voted .
  2. The Harkonenns : amount of Intel spent on operations - these points are easy to get when you increase your Intel production. You can also buy them from other factions by trading.
  3. Smugglers : number of villages pillaged - pillaging villages is the main activity that smugglers perform in their spare time. You will not only earn resources this way, but also raise your position in the faction ranking.
  4. Fremen: the amount of produced water - converted into Hegemony points, regardless of whether it is used somewhere or not. The disadvantage of the solution - you can lose these points if you do not keep the water-harvesting areas.

In summary: you can earn points for military, economic, commercial and political activities. Each faction has different traits that will allow it to quickly gain Hegemony points.

What are Hegemony Points for?

Hegemony Points have two uses:

  1. Whoever scores 30,000 Hegemony points wins the game
  2. At 2k, 5k, and 10k thresholds, you unlock additional faction features. 5 and 10k are faction bonuses, each has a different one. At 2k, you unlock base buildings available for construction.

To check the faction bonuses, just click on the faction leader icon in the upper left corner to see all bonuses (of your own and of your opponents).

At this point, two important things should be mentioned - Dune Spice Wars: Hegemony - Resources and raw materials - Dune Spice Wars Guide

At this point, two important things should be mentioned:

  1. Hegemony points can be lost - for example, those for controlled regions or for a Landsraad Standing that may deteriorate; you can lose Charters in the same way. However, you will not lose fixed points such as for killing units generated by the Workshop or purchased for CHOAM shares.
  2. Not every faction scores at the same rate - every faction is good at different thing, so each faction has a different income and can prevail better at early or later stage of the game. You shouldn't focus on gaining Hegemony points as your main goal at the beginning of the game.

If your faction or your playstyle does not lead you to Hegemony point dominance later in the game, it is worth considering other ways to win.

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