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Dune Spice Wars Guide by

Dune Spice Wars Guide

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Dune Spice Wars: Trophies / Achievements Dune Spice Wars guide, tips

On this page of the Dune Spice Wars guide you will find a list of all achievements and trophies available in the game along with descriptions and tips on how to unlock them.

Last update: Friday, April 29, 2022

The following page lists all achievements/trophies for Dune: Spice Wars. You will learn how to easily unlock all of the 32 achievements.


How to unlock: take over the first village.


How to unlock: get rid of the rebels attacking your village.

Regional Specialty

How to unlock: build a building that collects resources.

Spice Duty

How to unlock: assign a new crew to a Harvester or to a Harvesting Team


How to unlock: activate an operation

Legal Bond

How to unlock: sign a treaty with another faction

Urban Planning

How to unlock: activate a district bonus

Water Bond

How to unlock: form an alliance with a Sietch


How to unlock: capture a village owned by another faction

Way of the Air

How to unlock: use a shuttle to transport troops

Honor of Duty

How to unlock: get elected for a charter

Spy Master

How to unlock: reach infiltration level 3 in any field of operations


How to unlock: destroy another player's base

Spice Addict

How to unlock: have 5,000 Spice in your stockpile

Greatest House

How to unlock: reach 500 Landsraad Standing


How to unlock: control 4 special regions

Full House

How to unlock: build a building in every base slot.

Water Seller

How to unlock: have at least 100 net water production.


How to unlock: win an Hegemony victory.


How to unlock: win with the Dune Governorship charter.

True Friendship

How to unlock: build a maximal relationship with another faction (100).


How to unlock: win a game by eliminating the last faction by destroying their base.

Visionary Rebel

How to unlock: defeat the faction: Freemans

Dreaded Baron

How to unlock: defeat the House Harkonnen

Honorable Duke

How to unlock: defeat the House Atreides

Cunning Criminal

How to unlock: defeat the Smugglers.


How to unlock: get rid of the leader of hostile faction by way a coup


How to unlock: win by defeating the last opponent with assassination

Easy Win

How to unlock: win a game on Easy difficulty or higher

Desert Fighter

How to unlock: win a game on Medium difficulty or higher


How to unlock: Win a game on Hard difficulty or higher

Master of Arrakis

How to unlock: win a game on the highest difficulty level (Insane)

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