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Dredge Guide

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Dredge: List of all Pursuits Dredge guide, tips

In Dredge you will have the opportunity to undertake a number of quests that will earn you books that give bonuses, Relics and Trinkets to sell at the merchant. On the following page of the guide you will find a list of all Pursuits quests.

Last update: Friday, April 7, 2023

On this page of the guide you can find a list of all Pursuit quests. Thanks to it, you will quickly find the quest you're interested in and view the attached walkthrough.

All story Pursuits

  1. Grotesque Fish - you'll need to catch and deliver an Abberation (a mutated variant of fish) which can only be caught in special fisheries.
  2. The Collector - this is the core mission of Dredge's story. Your task will be to find and deliver 5 mysterious Relics to the Collector persona.
  3. Hermitage - during this Pursuit you'll meet up with the Hermit and reconcile the feuding brothers. You'll also learn how to destroy Debris and unlock Explosives.
  4. Research Assistant - in this task, you'll help Researcher acquire needed samples - you'll be rewarded with access to the first Hadal fishing rod.
  5. The Bitter End - in this one, you'll help Airman get his revenge on Mind Suckers. Moreover, you'll learn how to create Bait, which will help you fish more effectively.
  6. Flames of the Deep - a journey in search of Fathomless Flame and another Relic - Antique Pocket Watch.

Once all of the above missions are completed, you can embark on the final voyage. Possible endgame scenarios are described on the All Endings page of the guide.

All side Pursuits

  1. A Fresh Start - first mission in the game. Serves as an introduction to the world of Dredge.
  2. Package Delivery - The Mayor will ask you to deliver a package to Little Marrow.
  3. A Place to Rest - during this task, you'll help Builder get to Steel Point.
  4. Best Before - you need to deliver a rotten Conger Eel to Ingfell Resident.
  5. Castaway - help a shipwrecked person reach Little Marrow.
  6. Caught to Order - during this task you'll have to catch specific fish and deliver them to Fishmonger in Greater Marrow.
  7. Craven Courier - in this mission you'll assume the role of a courier delivering a special package for Dockworker.
  8. Lost at Sea - help a distraught father find a heirloom called Bronze Belt Buckle.
  9. Lost Dog - during this mission, you'll meet a lonely dog and search for a new home for him.
  10. Stone Tablets - in this quest you will go in search of special tablets hiding a great secret.
  11. Recording Rarities - Travelling Merchant will ask you to catch unique, rarely-encountered specimens.
  12. Figure in Blue - a mysterious figure in blue clothes asks you to deliver specific types of fish.
  13. Figure in Gold - during this mission, you'll deliver certain types of fish for a mysterious figure in golden robes.
  14. Figure in Red - a mysterious figure in red asks you to deliver certain types of fish.
  15. Figure in Purple - a mysterious figure in purple robes asks for specific fish.
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