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Drakensang: The Dark Eye Game Guide by

Drakensang: The Dark Eye Game Guide

Table of Contents

Chapter 7 - Main Quests | Chapter 7 Drakensang: TDE Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Quest Order:

Q15 Prologue: The Adamantine Heart

Q16.1 Talk to Duke Growin

Q16.2.1 Meet with Gerling in Tallon

Q18.1 Defeat the goblin marauders

Q18.2 Path to Prenn's Grove

Q16.3.1 Find the key to the lair

Q16.3.2 Meet with Arom in the Tower

Q16.3.3 Kill the Dragon

Q16.4 Meet with Arom in Murlosh

Q15 Prologue: The Adamantine Heart

1. The Secret of the Dragon's Eye

Pay a visit to Rakorium M2(7). Tell him what you've heard from the Oracle. The Archmage will look into the Dragon's Eye and will tell you that you should now go to Murlosh, but in order to get there you will need a permit given by the dwarven king Arombolosh. He will also point to Duke Growin M5.2(7), as a person who might be able to help you.

Q16 The Road to Murolosh

1. Talk to Duke Growin

Head to the Ducal Citadel and approach Growin M5.2(7). Ask him to help you get to Murolosh. You will be told that there has been little diplomatic activity with Murolosh recently and that diplomat Gerling has been sent to meet with king Arombolosh. Gerling is supposed to stay in Tallon and that's where you are going to meet up with him.

2. Diplomat Gerling

2.1 Meet with Gerling in Tallon

First person you'll encounter in Tallon is Swineherd Jargold. You may talk to him for a while to learn what is going on in the area. Now you need to get to the city, but as Jargold has told you, not everyone is allowed inside.

Option 1: Talk to the Guard M9(3) at the gate. He won't let you in but if you try and bribe him 15 Ducats, he will change his mind.

Option 2: Complete the Q17 The Noblewoman Ingiana.

Option 3: Talk to builder Viburne M9(4), once Darian M9(4) is not around. Ask him, how is he able to get in and out of the city. You will learn that there is a special password. You can obtain it by using Threaten, Fast Talk, Seduce or just an old fashioned bribe of 10 Ducats.

After you get past the gates head to the "Lucky Apple" inn M9(7). That's where you were supposed to meet Gerling. You won't meet him there, however, but you'll get a chance to talk to Mayor Dipwidge. According to him, the advisor has left for the sanctuary at Prenn's Grove M9(23). You can reach it only via western gate M9(8), as the eastern is closed due to the collapsed bridge.

2.2 Find Gerling

You will complete this quest once you reach Prenn's Grove M9(23).

3. Dwarven respect

You will receive this quest once you reach Prenn's Grove.

3.1 Find the key to the lair

The key can be found in a cavern M9(24) near the sanctuary. Go there, killing a group of harpies as you go. The now-derelict mine is full of spiders and skeletons. Get through the creatures and into the Lab. Some undead will await you here, along with their leader - skeleton mage, Meredin M9.1(2). Killing it will give you not only the key but also another piece of the golden armor - breastplate of fire.

Reward: Key to the dwarven tower and Breastplate of Fire

3.2 Meet up with Arom in the Tower

Leave the cave slaying the hordes of skeletons and spiders as you go. The collapsed bridge near the eastern gate has already been repaired. Use it to get to the tower M9(25). Talk to Arom. Seeing that you've obtained the key, he will tell you to activate the portal and go through it to fight the dragon.

3.3 Slay the dragon

You will appear at the top of the tower M9.2(1). Arom has brought along a chest M9.2(1) full of equipment, that may come in handy when fighting the dragon. Take everything you can, especially the burn ointment, which provides fire resistance. Head down and along the path to the lair. On your way you will encounter a few groups of harpies. Since they keep so close together the fireball spell becomes very useful here. After dealing with the harpies you will again cross paths with Archon Megalon M9.2(2). If you won't criticize him you will be allowed to access his wares. Prepare for the fight and enter the dragon's lair M9.2(3). The beast is constantly breathing fire so you should use the ointment on each of your party members, and once it ceases to work, put it on again. The dragon has as much as 900 hit points, but if you play it out carefully and don't forget to use the ointment and the occasional healing potion you should come out on top. Take everything the dragon drops and talk to Arom M9.2(4). He will thank you for your help, give you the recipes for items that can be made from the dragon's carcass and will invite you to Murolosh.

Reward: dragon's hoard, recipe for dragon brew, wurm dagger recipe, wurm spear recipe, wurm crossbow recipe, dragon slayer crossbow recipe.

4. Meet Arom in Murolosh

The quest is complete once you reach Murolosh.

End of chapter seven!

Q17 Noblewoman Ingania

1 - Chapter 7 - Main Quests - Chapter 7 - Drakensang: The Dark Eye - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The damsel in distress can be found by a broken carriage - Chapter 7 - Main Quests - Chapter 7 - Drakensang: The Dark Eye - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The damsel in distress can be found by a broken carriage. She will ask you to find her wagoner.

Sadly, he's dead. He got killed by goblins which will now attack you.


On your way to the town you will encounter Ingania of the Mountain M9(1). The noblewoman has had an accident which resulted in breaking her carriage. Her wagoner M9(2) has gone looking for help, but hasn't returned yet. You goal is to find him.

1. Ingania's Wagoner

1.1 Find the wagoner

Go a bit further to find a body surrounded by a group of goblins.

1.2 Pass the news to Ingania

Kill the creatures and return to Ingania, to give her the sad news.

2. Escort Ingania to Tallon

Inagania is afraid to walk alone all the way to Tallon and will ask you to escort her. The reward for that will be 20 Ducats. Agree, and take her along. Once you reach the city gates wait for her to talk to the guard. She will convince him that you and your companions are her bodyguards, and the mayor M9(7) is her good friend. When she wants to pay you for your assistance you can refuse to gain some extra experience.

Reward: 20 Ducats or experience

Q18 The Marauders

1. Defeat goblin marauders

If you try to get through the western gate you will be halted by Tallon Captain M9(8). He will tell you that the gate has been closed due to the increased goblin activity outside. If you try to convince him he will make you an offer beneficial both for you and the guard. You can get past the gate with a squad of local guards and clean out the goblins. Agree and head outside. After the job is done, he will offer you a reward but you can refuse to gain some extra experience.

Reward: 20 Ducats or experience

Route to Prenn's Grove

Before passing the first bridge you will encounter a mysterious mage, Archon Megalon M9(14). He will say a few words and will disappear after the first question you ask. The next person on your way is elf called Ancoron. He seeks vengeance upon the ogres who destroyed his village. You can help him fight them, and if you do, he will join your party. Continue on your way towards the Grove. After you pass the next bridge you will see a farmer begging for help. You can aid him by giving him a healing potion or using healing skills of one of your characters. Near the next bridge Archon Megalon M9(14). Will await you, this time more willing to talk. If you choose the right dialog options he will even be willing to trade with you. You need to tell him that he's helped you overcome your fears and then ask him for a practical advice. Among his wares burn ointment, shouldn't go unnoticed - it will come in real handy further in game. Once you step on the bridge a cinematic will begin with the dragon flying over your head and attacking the Grove. Run to Prenn's Grove M9(23) to witness a conversation between Librarian Zorjan weeping over lost books and dwarven prince Arom. Soon, Gerling will join in the conversation. He knows the location of the stone disc that is the key to the dragon's lair and makes you responsible for finding it.

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