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Drakensang: The Dark Eye Game Guide by

Drakensang: The Dark Eye Game Guide

Table of Contents

Chapter 3 - Sidequests | Chapter 3 Drakensang: TDE Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016


SQ3 A Tasty Delicacy (continued)

3. Find another buyer

Talk to horatian trader Floris M5(6). He will smell the kosh bunting tongues and will want to buy them. You can either sell them now or keep on searching for a better buyer.

Reward: 5 Ducats

SQ11 Kastan Gamblack

You will receive this quest at the beginning of the chapter from Prince Growin M5.2(7).

1. Track Kastan Gamblack

The quest continues in chapter five.

SQ12 Investigations at the Harbour

You will receive this quest at the beginning of the chapter from Lady Protector Dariana M5.2(6).

1. Contact the Neisbecks

Head to Port Ugdan and talk to Pagol Babek M4(9). He will ask you to receive an order from innkeeper at "Silver Pitcher".

2. Contact the Stoerrebrandts

Head to Port Ugdan and talk to Laran Dykemiller M4(10). Ask him for work and he will tell you that their messenger is sick and will offer you a small job.

3. Report to Lady Protector Dariana

After contacting the Neisbecks or the Soerrebrants head to duke's residence M5(4). Lady Protector M5.2(2) will await you on the stairway near the entrance. Tell her that you have made your first move.

SQ13 For a handful of ducats (working for the Neisbecks)

You will receive the quest after contacting Pagol Babek M4(9).

1. Doing Errands

1.1 Offer for innkeeper Tradan

Head to the Praios Square and enter the "Silver Pitcher". Talk to the innkeeper Tradan M2.2(3) about Neisbecks' offer. When he accepts it, return to Pagol Babek.

Reward: 5 thalers

Quest continues in chapter five.

SQ13 For a Handful of Ducats (working for the Stoerrebrandts)

You will receive the quest after contacting Laran Dykemiller M4(10).

1. Doing Errands

Your first job is to deliver a message. Head to the "Silver Pitcher" M2.2.

1.1 Pick up an order from innkeeper Tradan

Talk to Tradan Brewmore M2.2(3) and take an order list from him.

1.2 Take back the order list

Go back to Laran M4(10) and give him the order. He will tell you that he might have some kind of work for you in the future.

Reward: 5 thalers

Quest continues in chapter five.

SQ14 The Boltan Card Trick

After hearing the words of the Oracle (Q6 Preparation for the Dragon Quest) and leaving the temple you will meet the innkeeper Ibrom Soapstone. He will ask you to look for a thief known as Thalya di Ravendoza in Moorbridge. Apparently, she stole his jewlery box.

1. Find the thief

Quest continues in chapter four.

SQ15 The broken fountain

Talk to the city guard M5(5). He is responsible for the preparation of the celebrations that are going to be held on the square, but the fountain just broke. He also cannot find the person responsible for repairs, so he will ask you to help him with the repairs.

1. Help repair the fountain

1 - Chapter 3 - Sidequests - Chapter 3 - Drakensang: The Dark Eye - Game Guide and Walkthrough

In order to repair the fountain you will need to set the levers in the right order, beginning from the left: 1) up 2) down 3) down 4) up 5) down - Chapter 3 - Sidequests - Chapter 3 - Drakensang: The Dark Eye - Game Guide and Walkthrough

In order to repair the fountain you will need to set the levers in the right order, beginning from the left: 1) up 2) down 3) down 4) up 5) down.

Use the block and the mechanism should start working again.

You will be transported to the sewers in order to fix the fountain you will need to set the levers in the right order, beginning from the left: 1) up 2) down 3) down 4) up 5) down.

Reward: 2 thalers


SQ16 The Recipe for the Potion of Power

On the market in Ducal Citadel M5 you will meet Auralia M5(7), the alchemist you've met in Avestreu M1. She will tell you about her problem with a certain recipe for a powerful potion. She doesn't know one of the components and will ask you to find someone who knows something about it.

1. Find an expert

Quest continues in chapter seven.

SQ17 The False Beard

There is a barrel in the bushes and it seems that there's someone inside it. This someone proves to be Ugin, son of Umbasha M5(12). He is ashamed to come out because he lost his beard while fighting a dog M5(14), who was stealing his chicken. He will ask you to find a replacement beard for him - the best possible one would be the fur of the dog he fought.

1. Find a replacement beard

Head to the place dwarf told you about and you will be attacked by a wild dog. Kill it and you will receive a thick fur which will make for a perfect beard.

Reward: fur

2. Take the fur to the dwarf

Ugin will be extremely pleased when you'll hand him his new beard. He will put it on and come out of the barrel, rewarding you for your help.

Reward: 3 Ducats


SQ18 The Escaped Dancing Bear

Animal Tamer M2(11) has lost his bear M2(12). It is standing by the river but is not willing to come back. The Tamer will ask you to try and tame the bear.

1. Pacify the bear

Option 1: A character with high Animal Lore may tame it just using words.

Option 2: Treat Fluffy with a Be Calm spell.

SQ19 Salina's Request

You will meet your old friend M2(13) near the temple of Hesinde M2(2). Salina will tell you that Dranor has been captured. He will ask you to help free him and explain her plan - you're supposed to get inside the prison through an old tunnel leading from Brewery.

1. Get inside the brewery

Go to the brewery and talk to the dwarf Muddlemosh M4(11). Offer him to get rid of the rats living in the cellar and you will receive a new quest: SQ20 The Plague of Rats.

2. Free Dranor from his cell

When you'll reach the holding cells M4.2(7) and try to free Dranor you will learn that he doesn't want to get out. He thinks he's not guilty and will remain in his cell until someone proves his innocence. The task, obviously, is falls into your hands. You'll need to find the merchant who accused him of stealing.

3. Merchant Wulfric Harpel

The Merchant M5(13) can be found in the Ducal Citadel M5. Talk to him about the stealing of the chronograph supposedly conducted by Dranor. Then talk to his daughter, Viola M5(13). There are some differences in what they've said to you - Wulfric didn't tell you everything and Dranor had been wrongfully accused. The merchant will give you a letter clearing Dranor of all suspicion.

Reward: a letter

4. Give the letter to Barla

Go to Barla M5(9) and give her the letter. She will get mad at the merchant and release Dranor.

5. Inform Salina

Now go to Salina, and tell her about how the things turned out. When you'll reach the spot however Salina will be gone - her brother will be the only one around. Tell him about Dranor's release and ask him to convey the message to his sister.

SQ20 The Plague of Rats

You will need to initiate SQ19 Salina's Request and head to Port Ugdan to talk with the dwarf Muddlemoshem M4(11) to get this quest.

1. Find the Source of the plague of rats

You will need to go down to level 5 and enter the lair of the rat queen M4 - Chapter 3 - Sidequests - Chapter 3 - Drakensang: The Dark Eye - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You will need to go down to level 5 and enter the lair of the rat queen M4.2(21).

2. Kill the rat queen

The fight with the rat queen is pretty challenging as she is quite resilient and waves of smaller rats are making the whole thing even more difficult. Once you'll kill her search her body to find a magic ring.

Reward: Ring of Life (Hit Points +10)

3. Relate the situation to major-domo

Return to major-domo, and he will give you the money.

Reward: 20 Ducats


SQ21 The Dine-and-Dasher

Head to the "Fleet Footed Ferret" M4(1) in Port Ugdan, then talk to innkeeper Pebblebush M4.1(2). He has a problem - one of his clients has been drinking on a tab and disappeared without paying it. Head to the "Silver Pitcher" M2(10) in Praios Square, where the fraud has last been seen.

1. Gather information at the "Silver Pitcher"

Head to the "Silver Pitcher" and talk to the innkeeper M2.1(3), to learn that dwarf Regash M2(14) has just left.

2. Locate Regash

Leave the inn and you'll see a red bearded dwarf standing by the stalls. Approach and talk to him:

Option 1: Regash will pay you 5 thalers for not turning him in.

Option 2: When Regash offers you 5 Thalers haggle and he will pay you 3 Ducats.

Option 3: Threaten to call the guards and he will promise to go back and pay his tab.

Option 4: Threaten to call the guards and use Human Nature to learn something about the dwarf. At the end of the conversation he will promise to pay the debt.

Reward: you can receive between 3 Ducats and 5 thalers

3. Inform Pebbelbush

Return to innkeeper Pebbelbush and tell him that you've met the dwarf. If you've chosen options 3 or 4 the innkeeper will pay you 3 Ducats.

Reward: you can receive 3 Ducats


SQ22 The Bar Brawl

Innkeeper Ibrom Soapstone M3.2(3) will ask you to break the fight between two of his guests.

1. Break the Brawl

There are three ways you can end the fight.

Option 1: Threaten them

Option 2: Use fast talk and convince them to go to the "Fleet Footed Ferret".

Option 3: Join in the fight and land a few blows - this scare the fighters off.

Then talk to the innkeeper, who will thank you for solving the situation.

SQ23 A Charitable Donation

In the Wagoner's Home M3 you will meet a beggar M3(9) asking for some money. You can give him either 1 Farthing, 1 Thaler or 1 Ducat. If you want to pay him as little as possible give him 1 Farthing twice and 1 Thaler once. Thankful for the donation the beggar will tell you about two thieves M3(10) talking about their loot.

1. Gather information

Go near the thieves and listen to them from a safe distance. After they're done talking they will go to hide the loot. Follow them but don't get to close.

2. Find the loot

Loot will be hidden in a chest M3(11) on a wagon. Once the thieves are gone, approach the wagon and gather the valuables.

Reward: Necklaces, rings, jewels


SQ24 A question of honor

Cano M3.1(5) has a special assignment for you - you'll need to get inside the Dark Eyes hideout M3(8) and retrieve Hammer of Growina.

1. Get Inside the Dark Eyes hideout

Jallik will await you near the entrance to the compound. Talk to him and get inside.

2. Find the hammer of Growin

Hammer rests in a chest M3.4(4) at the end of the room, it is, however, guarded. Get onto the ladder M3.4(2) and destroy the wooden ledge M3.4(3). This will cause the thug to abandon his post now use the other ladder M3.4(5) to get to the floor level, open the chest and grab the hammer. Get back on the ladder M3.4(5), get to the other side of the room and leave the hideout M3.4(1).

3. Don't let yourself be recognized

You will have to keep on sneaking and stay clear of the thugs in order not to get noticed. If any one of them notices you, you will be forced to fight and receive a quest SQ25.5 Get rid of the witnesses.

4. Give the Hammer to Jallik

Give the hammer to Jallik M3(8).

Reward: Gloves of the Shadow (Dexterity +3)

5. Get rid of the witnesses

You will receive this quest if you fail SQ24.3 Don't let yourself be recognized. You and Jallik M3(8) will have to kill the attacking bandits.

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