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Drakensang: The Dark Eye Game Guide by

Drakensang: The Dark Eye Game Guide

Table of Contents

Chapter 3 - Main Quests | Chapter 3 Drakensang: TDE Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Chapter three starts with an audience in M5 - Chapter 3 - Main Quests - Chapter 3 - Drakensang: The Dark Eye - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Chapter three starts with an audience in M5.2. Talk to Prince Growin M5.2(7) and Ladyq Protector Dariana M5.2(6). You will receive quest Q5 The House. Prince M5.2(7) will also reward you for finding the murderers.

Reward: 50 Ducats, medal of Ferdok (+5 to Etiquette), Ardo's residence

Quest order:

Q5.1 Meet with the residences major-domo

Q6.1 Talk to Dorion

Q6.2 Acquire cellar key

Q6.3 Help Avanti in his search

Q6.4 Search for Oracle Stones

Q6.5 Find pieces of Dorion's statue

Q7.1 Journey to Moorbridge

Q5 The House

On leaving the audience hall you will encounter Major-domo Muddlemosh M5.2(5). Dwarf used to be Ardo's servant and he took care of his house M2(7). He will ask whether you want him to work for you. Agree, and he will run home to make preparations for your arrival.

1. Meet with the Major-domo in the residence

Once you arrive at your residence Major-domo Muddlemosh will give you a message - it seems that Mage Rakorium wants you to come to the temple of Hesinde M2(2) and talk to it's guardian Dorion M2.2(2) about the problem with the Dragon Quest.

From this point on your residence will become your "base of operations" - the companions that aren't in your party will await you there. There's also a map just by the residence's door that allows you to travel more quickly. If you want, you can buy workshops for 50 ducats each, and there are some plants in the garden.

Q6 Preparation for the Dragon Quest

1 Talk to Dorion

Head to the temple and ask Dorion M2.2(2) about temple's problem. It appears that there are giant amebas in the crypts and they want you to clear them out and find three pieces of a broken relic.

2. Get the key to the cellar

Go down to level 1 and approach novice Avanti M2.2(5), who will give you the key.

3. Help Avanti in his search

If you ask Avanti about his problem he will tell you that he's supposed to look for a magic tome called Magica Luminosus M2.4(9). He cannot find it however and asks you for help. You will find the book on level 2.

Reward: Elixir recipe

4. Search for Oracle stones

Statue pieces M2.4(12, 13 and 16) can be found on levels 3 and 4. The last part of the relic is guarded by an emerald spider.

Reward: Right wing of Umbacor's statue, Left wing of Umbarcor's statue, Back of Umbacor's statue

5. Take the statue pieces do Dorion

Once you'll get all of the pieces return to Dorion. The relic will be assembled and you will take part in a ceremony during which an Oracle will speak

Q7 The Addled Mind in Moorbridge

After completing Q6 Preparation for the Dragon Quest and listening Oracle, Dorion M2.2(2) will try and interpret her words stating, the person she was talking about may be Rakorium, who is currently in Moorbridge.

1. Journey to Moorbridge

Leave Ferdok and head for Moorbridge.

Quest continues in chapter four.

End of chapter three!

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