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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide by

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide

Table of Contents

List of all side missions in DBZ Kakarot Kakarot guide, walkthrough

DBZ Kakarot has many side missions. You will meet familiar characters from the Dragon Ball universe and get references to the cult anime. This chapter has a list of side missions available in the game. The side quests and their walkthroughs can be found in separate chapters.

List of All side quests in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot:

  1. Side missions related to resurrecting enemies in DBZ Kakarot

Attack of the Saiyans

  1. Master Roshi's Prized Possession
  2. Nam the Peddler
  3. Gentle Giant
  4. Foggy Future
  5. Foreboding Fear
  6. The Pilaf Gang's Plan
  7. Wild Imagination
  8. Telekinesis Training
  9. Mysterious Power Reading
  10. Familiar Face
  11. The Fifth Trainee

Evil Emperor Frieza:

  1. Like a Different Person
  2. Tough Break for Turtle
  3. Yamcha's Alive
  4. Tourists in Trouble
  5. The Mystery of the Missing Tail
  6. One Cool Dude
  7. Attacked Villager
  8. Victimized Namekian
  9. Rouge Chef Melone
  10. Selfish Bulma
  11. Yamcha the Man, the Myth, the Legend

Android Terror Arrives

  1. Not Too Quick on the Uptake
  2. Between Worlds
  3. Friends Forever
  4. Master
  5. Bummed about Bananas
  6. Your Friend Is My Friend
  7. Close Encounters
  8. Easy-Going Genius
  9. The Meaning of Training
  10. Yajirobe and Korin
  11. Animorphaline Accident
  12. Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher
  13. Hyperbolic Time Chamber Renovations
  14. An Awkward Pair
  15. Guardian Caretaker
  16. Krillin's Heart of Gold
  17. The Nutty Scientist
  18. Frequently Attacked Villager

Majin Buu Reborn

  1. Goten's Growth
  2. Daddy's Little Girl
  3. Uninvited Training Partner
  4. Toughening Up
  5. Anxious Android
  6. Chiaotzu the Champ
  7. The Great Ladiesman
  8. The Good Ol' Days
  9. Far Beyond Frieza
  10. Super Saibaman?!
  11. Continually Attacked Villager
  12. Perpetually Attacked Villager
  13. The Return of the Emperor
  14. Piccolo vs. Goku
  15. The Sins of the Father
  16. Perfecting Perfection
  17. Stranger Danger
  18. Reunion with Suno
  19. Here It Comes!
  20. Good Ol' Goku
  21. Teachings for Tomorrow
  22. Cute and Cuddly Korin
  23. Lone Guardian
  24. The Parent Trap
  25. A Father's Dignity
  26. Buu the Bottomless Pit
  27. King of the Demon Realm
  28. Porunga Part 2
  29. Pure Pair
  30. The Capitan's Comeback
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