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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide by

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide

Table of Contents

List of all missions in DBZ Kakarot Kakarot guide, walkthrough

This chapter of the DBZ Kakarot guide has a list of all the main missions. The walkthrough for each mission has pictures.

Story missions in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

The game was divided into episodes that connect into consecutive events. You will e.g. face the Saiyans on Earth (Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta), travel to Namek (Frieza, Ginyu Force), participate in the Future Trunks Saga (Mecha Frieza, King Cold), Android Saga (C 17, C18, Cell) and Buu Saga (Babidi, Dabura, Buu). In addition, the game also has a few mini-stories that you can do in your free time. You can also decide to practice or complete side quests.

Attack of the Saiyans Episodes:

  • Episode 1: Slice of Life, A Long Overdue Reunion, Intergalactic Invader, The Mysterious Warrior's True Identity
  • Episode 2: Follow Raditz!, Rumble with Raditz
  • Episode 3: King Yemma's Job, Gohan the Survivor, Gohan's Guardian, Survival 101
  • Episode 4: Piccolo's Training Regimen!, Gohan's Going AWOL!, Freedom!, Gohan's Gumption
  • Episode 5: Deathmatch Approaching, The Longest Three Hours
  • Episode 6: Friends in Need, Angry Goku, To the Battlegrounds
  • Episode 7: The Resistance, Intermission

Evil Emperor Frieza:

  • Episode 1: Interplanetary Preps, The Welcome Party, Vegeta vs. Cui, Hideout on Namek
  • Episode 2: Namek in Turmoil, Operation Rescue Dende!, Sneaky Vegeta
  • Episode 3: Clash with Zarbon, Hunt for the Dragon Balls, Vegeta's Rampage, Dragon Ball Battle
  • Episode 4: Gohan's Latent Power, The Dreaded Ginyu Force, Guldo's Claim to Fame
  • Episode 5: Goku's Arrival, Putting the Training to the Test, The Fight with Captain Ginyu
  • Episode 6: All the Dragon Balls, The Magic Words, The Fearsome Emperor, Piccolo to the Rescue!, Fearful New Form
  • Episode 7: The Emperor's Final Form, The Return of Goku
  • Episode 8: Awakened Anger, The Legendary Super Saiyan

Android Terror Arrives:

  • Episode 1: Frieza Strikes Back, Mysterious Youth, The Young Man's Identity
  • Episode 2: For the Future, A Frustrated Vegeta, Driver's License Lunacy, War at the Door, The Training Room's Open!
  • Episode 3: The Fated Day, Attack of the Androids
  • Episode 4: Android 20's Gambit, Android 20's True Identity, 17, 18 and...16?!, The Calm Before the Storm, Threat on the Horizon, Another Time Machine?!
  • Episode 5: Kami and Piccolo, Meeting the Mysterious Monster, The Mad Scientist's Lair, Cell's Ambitions, Fathers and Sons, The Hyperbolic Time Chamber
  • Episode 6: Unexpected Visitor, Tien's Sacrifice
  • Episode 7: A Glimmer of Hope, Enter Super Vegeta
  • Episode 8: The Nightmare Begins, A Moment of Confidence, Fleeting Normality, Kami's Successor
  • Episode 9: The Dreaded Cell Games, Gohan Unleashed, Little Demons, Big Problems
  • Episode 10: Beyond Gohan's Limits, The Father-Son Kamehameha!, Intermission

Majin Buu Reborn:

  • Episode 1: School Days, New Encounters, Good News, Getting ready for Son Goku
  • Episode 2: Time for the Tournament!, The World Tournament Begins!, In Hot Pursuit, Into Enemy Territory
  • Episode 3: King of the Demon Realm, Echoes of Evil
  • Episode 4: Majin Buu's Revival, Vegeta's Pride, Planning the Next Move, The Legendary Z-Sword, Buying Time, Land of the Kais
  • Episode 5: Fusion!, Fashionably Late
  • Episode 6: Go Go Gohan!, A Shred of Hope
  • Episode 7: Potara Earrings, Sinister Smog, Pure Evil
  • Episode 8: Vegeta's Longest Minute, Finale
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