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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide by

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide

Table of Contents

Unlocking new techniques | DBZ Kakarot basics Kakarot guide, walkthrough

At the beginning of your adventure in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you play as Goku and the rest of the characters who has rather limited combat capabilities. This is understandable since the game aims to match the development of heroes throughout Dragon Ball Z. Read this chapter to learn how to unlock new techniques.

There are several ways of getting new techniques - Unlocking new techniques | DBZ Kakarot basics - Basics - Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide

How to unlock new moves in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?

There are several ways of getting new techniques. The most important and easiest way is to collect the balls scattered around the game world. These are the so-called Z Orbs that allow you to unlock new abilities from the development tree of selected characters. Interestingly, each of the playable characters has a different talent tree. Z Orbs can be found in many places - their color depends on the region in which you have found them (blue orbs are found underwater, green in a forest, etc.). Look for these orbs to get more powerful moves for Goku and the rest of the team.

The second way to unlock new techniques is to participate in special training sessions. During them, you will fight with the spiritual projection of the currently controlled character, for example, Goku against Goku, or have a duel with already defeated enemies. To start training, you need to find special training spots and have a sufficient number of D medals. These items are also found in the game world. They are buried in various difficult to access places.

You can also get soul emblems - you get them from NPCs. You will receive these items by making progress in the storyline or after completing additional tasks. Emblems can be used to develop the community board, which will allow you to gain access to new skills.

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