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Dota Auto Chess Guide

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When and with whom do we have to fight in Dota Auto Chess? Dota Auto Chess Guide and Tips

The units in Dota Auto Chess that attack you every round have two categories. The first one is neutral opponents. They always attack in specific rounds: the first three rounds, the tenth round and then every five rounds (fifteenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth, etc.). Check the details in the table below. The second category of units are copies of the heroes of the other players participating in the game.

Neutral opponents differ from the heroes of other players in that sometimes items may fall out of them, which we can then equip our heroes with, so we should always care about defeating them.

The amount of life lost by our courier after losing the round is the sum of the stars in the enemy army and the number of enemy units that survived the battle.




Lvl 1 Radiant Creep x2


Lvl 1 Radiant Creep x1

Lvl 1 Ranged Radiant Creep x2


Lvl 1 Radiant Creepx2 Ranged x2

Lvl 1 Radiant Creep x2

Lvl 2 Radiant Mage Creep x2


Lvl 4 Golem x1

lvl 3 Golem x2


Lvl 5 Wolf Alpha x1

Lvl 3 Wold x4


Lvl 5 Furbolg x2


Lvl 6 Vulture x2


Lvl 7 Thunder Lizard x1

Lvl 6 Thunder Lizard x2


Lvl 8 Black Dragon x1


Lvl 7 Troll Fire x1

Lvl 7 Troll Frost x1

Lvl 5 Troll Axe x4


Lvl 9 Monster Nian x1


Lvl 9 Roshan x1

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