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Doom Eternal Guide

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Doom Eternal - Interface
Doom Eternal - Interface
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Doom Eternal: User interface Doom Eternal guide, walkthrough

On this page of our guide to Doom Eternal you will find a description of the user interface. At the beginning of the game, the user interface can seem quite overwhelming so we have prepared a detailed description of in-game UI system.

1 - Extra Lives (1-UP)

In the top left corner of the screen you will find the number of extra lives which you have collected. They are used if your character dies. Within seconds, you will be respawned and resurrected, for example, in the middle of the battle.

2 - Compass

It allows you to locate important elements of the world and main mission markers.

3 - Demonic Corruption Meter

The Demonic Corruption Meter is directly associated with number of killed demons in a particular stage of the game. Detailed information about this indicator can be found on a separate page of our guide.

4 - Dash

In the bottom left corner of the screen you will find information about how many jumps (dashes) you still have available to use.

You must constantly monitor the area around you, so you won't fall into the abyss or some sort of chasm in the the least expected moment.

5 - Blood Punch

Blood Punch is being regenerated while you perform a Glory Kill. This indicator shows whether it has been already recharged.

6 - Armor

The current level of armor is also visible in the lower left corner of the screen.

You can constantly replenish it by collecting pieces of armor scattered on the map or by obtaining it from opponents.

7 - Health points

Your hero's health points are marked in blue color.

You can regenerate HP by using the first-aid kits or Blood Punch, which causes opponents to drop some of their lost health points.

8 - Active runes

At the very bottom of the screen you will find information about the runes you have collected and activated.

9 - Flame Belch

It's a flamethrower mounted on your shoulder. You can use it to kill opponents. Remember that a burning opponent will throw out and drop some armor shards.

10 - Chainsaw

This indicator allows you to check the amount of your chainsaw fuel. Using a chainsaw is great if you want to replenish ammo of your weapons.

11 - Grenades

Grenades have been marked in green color. During gameplay, you can switch between ice and frag grenades.

12 - Ammo

The last point of the user interface is the ammo indicator, shown in the bottom right corner of the screen. With this information you can continuously control the level of your ammo. This will allow you to switch your weapons in a more effective way during stressful situations.

In addition to the general interface, it is worth checking the icons in the pause menu - Doom Eternal: User interface - Basics - Doom Eternal Guide

In addition to the general interface, it is worth checking the icons in the pause menu. In the top right corner you will find four symbols that may be unclear during the first hours of gameplay.

1 - Weapon Points

Weapon points are used to upgrade weapon modifications. You can earn them by winning battles in particular stages of the game.

2 - Mastery Tokens

The first Mastery Token can be found in the location of Taras Nabad.

Use them to bypass all challenges required to earn weapon mastery.

3 - Praetorian points

Praetorian points are used to improve the Praetor Suit - Doom Eternal: User interface - Basics - Doom Eternal Guide

Praetorian points are used to improve the Praetor Suit. These are special points that enhance your equipment, such as grenades, but also affect your ability to explore and navigate the field.

The locations of all points can be found in the Secrets section of our guide.

4 - Sentinel Batteries

You can obtain Sentinel Batteries by exploring the game world or by completing challenges available in particular levels.

They allow you to open closed rooms in the Fortress of Doom. This way you can find some new outfits and secrets.

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