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Doom Eternal Guide

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Doom Eternal: Difficulty levels guide Doom Eternal guide, walkthrough

When you start playing Doom Eternal, you choose a difficulty level that will affect your gameplay. On this page of our guide, you will find information about how a certain level of difficulty affects the game, and you will find out if you can change it at any time.

General information

  1. You can change the difficulty level at any time in the campaign;
  2. You do not incur any penalties for reducing the difficulty level;
  3. The number of demons encountered does not increase depending on the level of difficulty;
  4. The main difference between difficulty levels is the greater number of strong attacks coming against the hero.

Individual difficulty levels

In Doom Eternal, you can choose from six available difficulty levels - Doom Eternal: Difficulty levels guide - Basics - Doom Eternal Guide

In Doom Eternal, you can choose from six available difficulty levels.

I want to live

This is the lowest difficulty level. By selecting this option, you will make your playthrough easier. Opponents will attack you less often, causing less damage. In addition, you will get more health and ammunition.

Hurt me plenty

This level of difficulty offers more frequent fights with opponents. Your biggest problem will be a small amount of health. However, over time, you will learn to use any mechanics available in the game, and this will no longer cause you problems.


This is a level for players who have experience in similar games. At this level, your enemies will deal you powerful damage. You need to find out where they have weaknesses, how to kill them and collect all possible improvements.


This level requires your full attention and experience. You must carefully explore all the stages and tactically approach any opponents who attack you. This level of difficulty will not forgive you any mistakes.


This is a level that differs from the nightmare only in one characteristic. If you die, you lose everything. You can only save the game after completing the mission.

Extra life mode

Death after the loss of all lives means the end of the game.

For this mode, you can choose a level of difficulty-from "I don't want to die" to "nightmare".

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