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Doom Eternal Game Guide

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Runes in Doom Eternal Doom Eternal guide, walkthrough

In Doom Eternal you will find runes that may have a significant impact on the gameplay. For example, they affect the speed of Glory Kills. The following page will explain what they are and what are their main features.

Runes are special items of equipment that affect Doom Slayers behavior - Runes in Doom Eternal - Basics - Doom Eternal Game Guide

Runes are special items of equipment that affect Doom Slayer's behavior. This allows you to partially customize the gameplay to your own liking. You can equip max to three runes at the same time.



Saving Throw

It allows you to survive a fatal blow and slows down time, giving you the chance to regenerate your health.

Equipment Fiend

Enemies that are killed by a firearm or are under the influence of a particular weapon may shorten the charging/reloading time.

Chrono Strike

With this rune, you can slow down time by holding down a certain key. When the rune is completely depleted, you must wait for it to recharge.

Punch and Reave

Enemies killed by the Blood Punch shock wave drop health.

Seek and Destroy

This allows you to perform Glory Kills from a greater distance.

Dazed and Confused

Increases how long enemies remain in a stagger state.

Blood Fueled

Increases the movement speed after performing a successful Glory Kill.


Allows you to perform Glory Kills faster

Air Control

Increases control over the character while in the air.

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