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Doom Eternal Guide

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Doom Eternal: How long will it take to complete the game? Doom Eternal guide, walkthrough

Below we provide information and explain how long should it take to complete Doom Eternal. We provide several different values - they are prepared both for those players who want to focus only on completing the main story campaign, and for players who want to complete Doom Eternal in 100%.

1 - Doom Eternal: How long will it take to complete the game? - Campaign - Doom Eternal Guide
  1. If you focus entirely on the main story and set the normal difficulty level, you can reach the campaign's finale after 12-13 hours. Doom Eternal is a much longer game than its predecessor that was released in 2016. There are 13 missions to complete. The levels in the game are extensive and most of them will require an hour of pure gameplay to complete them.
  2. Completing all mission challenges, completing all optional battles and finding 100% of the secrets can extend the game time to approximately 18-22 hours. Finding collectibles is by far the most time-consuming activity and even the knowledge about their location doesn't make it easier to obtain them. You'll also have to repeat the additional battles many times - by that we mean the encounters related to time challenges and battles that take place on the Slayer Gates arenas.
  3. Setting one of the higher difficulty levels will extend the campaign by several hours. Doom Eternal is more difficult than the previous part of the series - demons inflict more damage and you have to play more aggressively to renew your health and ammo supplies. You have to be prepared to repeat most of the huge major battles.
  4. Earning the platinum trophy requires, among other things, completing the game in Extra Life Mode, where you have to collect extra lives and avoid losing them. However, Platinum is not very demanding and there is no requirement to set the Ultra Nightmare difficulty level either. In addition to collecting all secrets in 100%, you also have to complete all optional battles and unlock all weapon masteries.
  5. The Battlemode (multiplayer online mode) is capable of providing several dozen hours of fun. Of course, it depends on whether you will like this mode. There are several game trophies associated with online mode, although unlocking them should not be particularly problematic.
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