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Divinity: Original Sin Game Guide by

Divinity: Original Sin Game Guide

Table of Contents

Status Effects | Combat Divinity: OS Guide

Effects are shown in the form of the small icon to the right of the heros icon - Status Effects | Combat - Combat - Divinity: Original Sin Game Guide
Effects are shown in the form of the small icon to the right of the hero's icon

Using spells, food, potions and some abilities may cause setting certain effects - these are called buffs, in the gaming jargon. Also, debuffs are frequent. These are additional bonuses that last during combat, and outside of it, like e.g. raising of statistics or poisoning, which lowers the amount of health points, temporarily.

In the case of food and potions, the success of setting an effect always equals to 100%. This is not true for spells and abilities. Each ability, if it is capable of setting an effect, comes with the percentage possibility of setting that effect. You need to lower that amount by the partial, or full, resistance of the target to that effect (e.g. you cannot poison skeletons) or the dependency of the other, current, effects (e.g. an attempt to freeze a burning opponent). The majority of the effects that are worth remembering have been provided below. Apart from them, there also are the effects set by potions and food, which set their own effects, depending on the item type.

The name of the effect



Resistance: Water +10, Fire -10, using Warm again sets on fire


Resistance: Water +40, Fire -20, additional damage from fire for the pre-determined amount of turns


Resistance: Water +40, Fire +20, using Chill sets the Freezing effect


The target cannot move, Armor +65, Resistance: Fire +40, Water -20


The target is controlled by the opponents for a predetermined number of turns


The possibility of explosion of the poison, for the given number of turns, it lowers health.


The target is invisible, also while attacking (a scroll spell)


The target cannot move for a given number of turns


The target cannot move, cannot target/attack

Knocked down

The target cannot move for a given number of turns


Resistance: fire +10, air -20, increased vulnerability to Stun and very high to Chill/Freezing


The target cannot attack and moves away from the caster.


Movement -84, AP restoration -4


Movement -64, AP restoration -2, The starting AP -4, Max AP -4


Resistance to certain effects can be partial or full, depending on the opponent type, the potions used, etc.


Agility -4, Initiative +4%, Damage +30%


Movement +64, Max AP +4, Starting AP +4, AP restoration +3


Appears whenever the character carries too much equipment and slows down.

Leader in sight!

Initiative +5, Damage +10% (by default, depends on the level of the Loremaster)

These are not all of the effects that occur in the game, but rather the ones whose value is constant and which occur the most frequently. For example, healing, in itself, is also an effect, but it depends on the spell/potion used.

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